The Ultimate Review of Sumo Pro Apps

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So today I would like to talk about Sumo Pro Apps (formerly SumoMe)…


Well three reasons really

  1. They have a new pricing model (including unlimited visits at the base level pricing)
  2. Noah Kagan and the Sumo team are the real deal!
  3. You can begin using it for FREE

Ok now that we have established the timing of this post let's dive straight into what you can expect from Sumo Apps.


First off what are Sumo Apps?

Sumo Apps are a range of webmaster tools designed to help you get more from your website. Specifically to help you get more traffic, build your fans and improve your conversions, which is really just a fancy way of saying – making money.

The Sumos as they call themselves have used these tools to grow their followers to over a million strong since starting in 2010. One thing they quickly became aware of was that other website owners struggled to collect emails due to using the wrong tools or even the right tools being too expensive.

List Builder the first Sumo App was born out of this.

Sumo Pro has grown from those early days and includes a number of new apps designed to increase online marketing success. Now to achieve this, Sumo have a total of 12 apps which you can access and have installed on your website in 37 seconds. I haven't timed this myself but I do remember it was quick and easy to use when I signed up. So kudos to Sumo for making it easy for non-techies and did I mention yet it is free to get started. 🙂


You can try it for yourself here

Once you start, you will be presented with the full range of apps to begin your online promotion – these apps include

  1. Sumo List Builder (You really want this one ASAP) start with it
  2. Sumo Welcome Mat
  3. Sumo Scroll Box
  4. Sumo Smart Bar
  5. Sumo Share Buttons
  6. Sumo Live Chat (Only available on paid plans)
  7. Sumo Contact Form
  8. Sumo Content Analytics
  9. Sumo Google Analytics
  10. Sumo Heat Maps
  11. Sumo Highlighter
  12. Sumo Image Sharer

Let's take a closer look at each Sumo Pro App

Sumo List Builder


A very useful add-on for your web sites, Sumo List Builder will easily help you configure pop-ups to appear when you find it more convenient​​​​​ for your visitors. Get to know your public and keep in touch with them by building your mailing list as they visit your site. Don’t lose the opportunity to collect valuable marketing information from your visitors, prompt them as they are touring the site or even when they are getting ready to leave.

It’s fully customizable. You can select the color scheme and overall appearance to fit that of your site. It comes with ready-to-use templates that will help you get the look you want in no time. If you don’t want to use the pre-designed templates, create your own look by adding just the elements that you want. You just have to drag and drop the elements of your choice, as simple as that. When you see the demo for yourself, you will notice it really is one of the easiest list builder apps to use.

Set a couple of different options and see which one gets you the best results with A/B split testing. All it takes is a few clicks. Also, it’s compatible with mobile devices. You won’t have to make any changes to your pop-up for it to look great when people access your site from a mobile phone.

Try Sumo List Builder for yourself FREE here.


Sumo Welcome Mat


Do you want your site’s visitors to do any action in particular once they land on a given page? Then you should try Sumo Welcome Mat. Let’s say that you would like to prompt them to join your mailing list, or maybe you just launched a new product or service and want them to know about it or maybe it's just a prompt to click that “Buy Now” button. No matter your choice, a properly designed and placed Welcome Mat can help you get the results that you’re looking for.

But, how is this different from any other pop-up? Well, although Welcome Mat will cover the whole screen, it pretty easy to make it go away.  All that your visitors have to do is click on the close button or simply keep scrolling down. So, even if it is a kind of “in your face” kind of screen, it’s not annoying. Another difference, the Welcome Mat appears only when you land on the site and it doesn’t show again for the rest of your session.

Setting one up is as easy as selecting a template and customizing it or just design it yourself so it matches the overall appearance and branding of your site. You can also have different versions for different audiences. Do some A/B testing and find out which of them delivers better results.

Try Sumo Welcome Mat for yourself FREE here.

Sumo Scroll Box


Let’s say that you are not really comfortable with using invasive methods to get your visitors’ email information but you still want a mailing list to keep them informed, then you are going to like Sumo Scroll Box. As every other tool in the Sumo catalog, it’s fully customizable and you can set it up to work exactly as you want.

With Scroll Box you can make the sign up window appear as your visitors are scrolling down your site. Maybe you’ll prompt them half way through or have a sign up window slide from one of the sides of the screen. It will all depend on your page layout; you’ll know best where it will be most effective.

After that, you’ll just have to sit back and see how your mailing list grows.

Try Sumo Scroll Box for yourself FREE here.

Sumo Smart Bar


If you want to keep your site uncluttered and aren’t a fan of distracting pop-ups, this is the feature for you.

Sumo Smart Bar is a simple looking but very powerful feature that can get your users to take a specific action like signing up or maybe following you on a social network. It will be strategically located at the top of the page as a friendly reminder. It doesn’t matter if they are viewing your site on a computer or a mobile phone, as all other Sumo features, Smart Bar is also suitable for mobiles.

How does Smart Bar work? That depends on your needs. It can be a static element at the top of your page and disappear as you scroll down or it can stay always visible and on top of the screen. Do you want it to disappear when people scroll down the page and show itself again when you scroll up? Then configure it to do just that.

Try Sumo Smart Bar for yourself FREE here.


Sumo Share Buttons


Do you want to drive more traffic to your site? One way of achieving this is by getting your current visitors to share your content with their friends. With Sumo Share Buttons you can add social media platforms from all over the world, including the most popular ones like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

You can customize them as you please; from deciding which ones to include, to placing them on your page with a simple drag-and-drop action. Also, you can use different share options depending on the device your visitors use. Maybe an SMS button will be better suited for mobile users while desktop users will prefer sharing by email.

One of the biggest advantages is that you even have an automatic mode that can decide which button is best for each page depending on how much people use each one of them. Do you want to do the managing yourself? No worries, you’ll get access to the statistical data Sumo collects so you know exactly how effective each element is.

Try Sumo Share Buttons for yourself FREE here.


Sumo Live Chat (Available on paid plans)


Customers are getting more and more demanding each day. The difference between making a sale and losing a customer is not just about prices anymore; service is now more than ever an essential part of the equation. With so many options out there, you have to be able to make a difference so your potential clients become paying customers.

In the fast paced world we’re living where instant gratification is crucial, making your visitors wait for a response via email could be deadly for your business. The new Sumo Live Chat option will help you get in contact with your site’s visitors more quickly and effectively, answering their questions in a timely manner so they can take the next step and buy your products.

What happens if your visitors try to start a chat session when you’re away? Don’t worry, they can leave a message and their email address so you can get back to them. This has the added benefit of growing your email list. The downside, it’s only available for paying Sumo customers with Medium or higher plans.

See a demo of Sumo Live Chat here.


Try Sumo Apps for yourself

Most Sumo apps are free to use.

Try It Now!

Sumo Contact Form


Make it easy for your visitors to contact you by customizing and adding a Sumo Contact Form to your site. It’s easy to set up and you can even include an auto-respond message, so your visitors know that you received their question or comment and you will contact them shortly.

Whether it is to receive comments or questions or to request your visitors’ data when they subscribe; this is a very useful addition to your site. It’s fully customizable, you can add headings, change the colors or fonts and include special instructions on any given field so your visitors know exactly what to do.

Try Sumo Contact Form for yourself FREE here.



Sumo Content Analytics


Have you ever wondered why some of your site’s calls-to-action aren’t getting the attention you expected?

That might have to do with where they’re placed. Just as it happens with real estate, online marketing is all about location, location, location. Sumo Content Analytics can help you with that by providing accurate data about how much of your content is actually read by your visitors.

Do they read it all? Skip some sections? Just read the top half of the page? You can use this information not only to adapt the contents of your site, but also to determine where to place your calls-for-action so they’ll get all the attention they deserve.

Don’t be satisfied just with knowing how many subscribers you have, find out exactly what gets their attention. Not sure if a layout will be more effective than another? Test them out. Publish them both and just analyze the numbers in real time as people visit your blog.

Try Sumo Content Analytics for yourself FREE here.


Sumo Google Analytics


Sumo Google Analytics app lets you review your page’s statistics directly in Sumo so you always know how your site is doing. Find out accurate statistics and track your site’s performance over any given period of time. Even more, you can personalize which kind of information to record from each page and view the numbers directly on the page (this will not be visible to anyone else but you) so there’s no need to log into Google Analytics to track your performance.

Find out not only how many people visit your site but also how did they find out about it. You’ll get real time information that will help you know how well your marketing strategy is doing with your audience so you can make the necessary adjustments to make it more profitable. This is a very valuable tool to increase traffic and conversion rates.

Try Sumo Google Analytics for yourself FREE here.


Sumo Heat Maps


Sumo Heat Maps is similar to Content Analytics in that it lets you know exactly what your visitors are actually seeing when visiting your site. But instead of tracking how much of your posts they read, it tracks where they click. Depending on how much attention a certain section is getting it will be shown hotter or colder on the map. This is a very graphical and easy to read way of finding out what is working and what needs a little more redesign yet.

Test out different layouts and see which one gets the best results. Move your calls-to-action to red-hot spots on your pages and start seeing the results that you want. All of the information is displayed in real time, so you will immediately find out if the changes are having the effect you expected or not.

The best part of this is that is completely compatible with mobile devices.

Try Sumo Heat Maps for FREE here.

Sumo Highlighter


One of the best ways to get traffic to your site is by referrals. Getting people to share your content or just a part of it can be very beneficial. Sumo Highlighter works in a similar way to Share Buttons but, instead of just clicking and sending a link to your site, your visitors will highlight a section of it and send it to their friends via social networks.

Also, your visitors will see which sections have been highlighted by other users, which can encourage them to share them as well.

Try Sumo Highlighter for FREE here.




Sumo Image Sharer


They say that an image says more than a thousand words, so why not make it easy for your visitors to share your images on social media? With Sumo Image Sharer you’ll configure the social media buttons to show anywhere on your images.

Include only the social networks of your choice and control where your images will be viewed. Make it easier for your users to share images and you’ll see how your traffic grows.

Try Sumo Image Sharer for FREE here.


Try Sumo Apps for yourself

Most Sumo apps are free to use

Try It Now!

Now the next question you may have is who are these Sumos?

I think this little picture may help paint the picture.

But let me give you some of the highlights of this team.First off the man who started Sumo is Noah Kagan. Some of you may know that name from his personal blog OKDORK but most of you will know it from AppSumo.

And yes you better believe he is using Sumo List Builder on his personal blog.Before AppSumo he worked at Intel and as he likes to say was employee #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint. Most of us know him as Mr. AppSumo though and this business is now an 8-figure business. A lot of the fine-tuning of the Sumo apps comes from the internal testing they did with it at AppSumo.The result is some of the easiest and most feature filled professional level webmaster tools you will see.The rest of the Sumos as they call themselves are some top talent having been hand picked from notable companies like Google, Facebook, Mint and others. Rest assured when you choose a Sumo App you have a well designed and coded app that will not slow down your website like so many do.


Where and how to use Sumo Apps?

This is one of the best features – you can use Sumo on any website platform today. All you need is to copy some code and paste it on the pages you want the app to show. Remember this only takes 37 seconds and you will be live and ready.So many tech companies today limit themselves to one platform like WordPress or Joomla but I guess this is one of the reasons that Sumo is now installed on over 500 000 website including some really big players like

  • Tony Robbins
  • airbnb
  • Entrepreneur
  • theCHIVE
  • Beach Body
  • 4 hour work week

You will be in good company.


Try Sumo Apps for yourself

Most Sumo apps are free to use.

Try It Now!

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