3 Best Formidable Forms 4 Changes and What They Mean for You?

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Have you heard of Formidable Forms?

If not do yourself a favour and go download and activate on your WordPress website now.


Because out of all the form builders on the market right now they have one of the most generous free plans in terms of field options and advanced features.

Most form builders who offer a free version are simply trying to annoy you enough to upgrade to one of their premium plans. You will not experience this when using Formidable Forms especially with their latest version 4 release.

Here are three of the best new features

Number 1: The Form Builder

This has been the main focus of development on Formidable Forms and it was really needed because of stiff competition from the likes of WPForms who really mastered the user interface of form building.

But with Formidable Forms version 4 the gap has narrowed and based on user preference you may even prefer the form building experience on Formidable Forms now (Feature number 2 below stands out to me as a reason).

This is what the builder looks like:

Left menu dynamically changes when elements selected

Then when you select an element like email field this is what you see:

This is a big upgrade over the previous builder which looked like this:

Some other stand out features of the new form builder includes more intuitive use of menus to find the exact setting you want, drag and drop improvements and you can edit in full screen mode.

But in all honesty to sum all this up it's just way nicer to use than before!

Number 2: Integrations

Formidable Forms has always been great with third party app integrations especially with the likes of Zapier but now in version 4 they have made the process of connecting your forms to these third parties even easier.

See this screenshot:

Notice how again it's all contained nicely in the sidebar and you don't have to navigate away from your form and click onto a settings page for this all to work.

The thing that is particularly useful about this is that even if you have not yet connected to a third party app you can search for it and install right from this screen without having to disturb your form building workflow!

This is arguably the best implementation of third party integrations we have seen of any form builder. Well done Formidable Forms!

Number 3: Editing Multi-page forms

One of the best features of dedicated form builders like Formidable Forms is the ability to create professional multi-page forms. These forms are excellent conversion boosters as they don't overwhelm people with too many fields at first which means people are more likely to fill them out.

Now with version 4 of Formidable Forms your job of making these type of forms is so much easier and quicker.

Again the reason for this is the new sidebar feature that dynamically gives you the settings you need based on what you are working on.

Pages and sections can now be collapsed, allowing you to expand only the areas you want to work on without the hassle of having to go through everything at once.

This prevents endless scrolling which wasted a lot of time before with these longer forms.

Long forms also have been updated to only save the fields you have clicked on. So, if you have a form with 50 fields for example and you click on 3 of them and update, only those 3 fields will be processed and re-saved.

Again saving time and server resources.


The focus of Formidable Forms version 4 has been their builder and making it more modern, clean and easier for you to use.

They have achieved this and made a massive leap in progress compared to their previous version mainly due to their implementation of the dynamic sidebar that gives you exactly the settings you want when you need to see them.

Excellent job Formidable Forms and considering that you can still get their generous free version it gets a big thumbs up from us.

Download Formidable Forms now.

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