I was not expecting refund to happen so fast over Christmas! But, I do appreciate it. Thanks for doing this.
Bought the deal yesterday, around 10:00 AM. I received my rebate probably around 15 minutes later. Fantastic response, thanks Paul! Anyone who's on the fence about this, I encourage you to go for it!
Nic Stoicof
Got this at a great price. PLUS True to his word, Paul sent out the bonuses within minutes. Thanks a lot.
Mike Sendler
Hi Paul, Thank you for your timely payment. I can honestly say i had my doubts. You can TRUST Paul ... Thanks again
Tom McCarthy
6/21/15 - Purchased and sent email. Thank you! 6/22/15 - I will let everyone know if I get the "rebate" and "free template" by Elegant Themes. Nothing yet... 6/24 - Received the template by Elegant Themes. Rebate supposed to be processed by Friday. 6/26 - Rebate Received through PayPal. Thank you!
Link worked 100%. I got the discounted price for the platinum pack. Email paul and got my promised $17 rebate in about 8 hours. Paul is a stand up guy. Look at my post count, I rarely post and only do so when I'm impressed like this.

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