Simple Conversion Commander Review + Coupon


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Today we bring you an introductory review of Simple Conversion Commander

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Simple Conversion Commander Break Down

Marketing today is not as easy as some may think. You are going to have to put in a lot of different components into your collateral if you are going to see any sort of traction. With the introduction of Simple Conversion Command, you are going to find a new way to promote products, and build your campaigns to reflect one of the major elements of selling. Sales in general take on a limited time process. When you see stores offering limited time deals, you are going to no doubt want to hurry up and buy, right? Well that’s something that is known as scarcity marketing. It’s done in the collectibles world a lot. You can only get 1 of 10,000 or so items, and sometimes they are hand signed and numbered, etc. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find that scarcity provides a world of interest overall. That’s where Simple Conversion Command comes into play as it completely changes the game for marketers.

About and the creator/team Behind Simple Conversion Commander

The team behind Simple Conversion Command is Paul Counts and David Perdew. These two names in marketing have been working on creating a product that is going to help marketers that are struggling to make conversions. Often times, marketers put together amazing pages, and collateral that should convert a lot, but yet doesn’t. Why don’t these pages convert well? The easy answer is that they don’t seem to have that scarcity element tied to them. With the introduction of this software, you’ll be able to create countdown clocks, and customized scarcity marketing collateral. This will tell visitors to your site that they have to act fast, or they will be left out. The last thing a visitor will want to deal with is missing out on a special price, sale, or offering. You can instill that fear, and make a conversion with this software, simple as that.

How to use Simple Conversion Commander?

Once you purchase Simple Conversion Command, you will be able to use it right away. You’ll be given access to a number of tools that will help you with putting together timers, countdown clocks, and code them directly into your squeeze pages. You will want to write collateral that goes along with this, and promote your pages as “limited time” offerings. If you can create this notion of scarcity, you are going to end up seeing a lot of traffic convert in a very easy manner. Using the simple commands and elements found within this software, you are going to be given an option that many of the best marketers are using today. Countdowns create a push forward amidst skeptics. Just put in the time you want to display, use customized tools found in the backend, and publish. It’s that simple.

Pros and Cons

Consider some quick pros and cons about Simple Conversion Command.


  • Simple To Set Up
  • Countdowns and More
  • Creates Scarcity Marketing


  • Must have something to promote
  • You will need to create text to help alongside the visuals

Is Simple Conversion Commander Worthwhile?

Creating scarcity is a great thing. You can engage your audience to act, and react. If you want to make sales, this is going to give you a new hope. For just $27, you will be able to test out what many marketers use on a regular basis. Simply put, this is a great option to pursue, and will pay off dividends in your marketing world.

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Get the best deal on Simple Conversion Commander

+ Exclusive Bonuses

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