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Technology has greatly affected the way businesses are conducted and for those in the business of writing, there are power tools that can help you curate excellent content. One such tool is Scrivener. This tool is the secret weapon that prolific authors like Tim Ferris use to boost all aspects of their writing. This includes authors of fiction, nonfiction writing, web content, television, movie scripts and even academic papers. Scrivener is the secret sauce of top authors around the world and is one of the best writing software app in the market and is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS.

However, there is just one problem…

The one major challenge that most writers find with Scrivener it’s initially cumbersome to use. Although once you fully understand how it operates, it is laden with useful features and fairly straightforward. 

Enter Scrivener Unleashed.

The scrivener unleashed course was developed to take care of the challenging nature of Scrivener for beginners. Scrivener unleashed is a learning application that was designed and developed by author and entrepreneur David Lee Martin, with a view to simplifying the learning process of Scrivener and ultimately to simplify the publishing process. This course is designed for writers to completely master the usage of Scrivener in the shortest possible time.


• There is no aspect of Scrivener that is left unattended to. Just a few of the modules include adding files and folders to your projects, compiling novels as eBooks, understanding Scrivener icons, distraction-free writing, the outliner view, endnotes and footnotes and the corkboard among others.

• Availability of short videos to learn faster: One of the most efficient ways to learn faster is through concise videos. During the course, you learn how to use all the features throughout Scrivener. If you need more clarification, PDFs are available for your perusal. There are over 275 short videos you will definitely learn from. As you want more information, you can watch these videos.

• Mobile-friendly: Information can be downloaded straight from your tablet or mobile phone.

• Scrivener unleashed is useful for both professionals and beginners: Whether you are a beginner or an expert-level writer, this course will in less than 30 minutes empower you with the skills to understand the basic features of Scrivener. If you are already familiar with the fundamentals of Scrivener, this course will teach you how to use the advanced features of Scrivener.

• Scrivener unleashed comes with bonuses such as templates, quick-start guides, shortcut cheat sheets, as well as a distraction-free seamless background.

• Scrivener unleashed is a one-time payment.


• When compared with other application tools, scrivener unleashed comes with several bonuses

• Scrivener unleashed is available for tablets and mobile phones. Attendees can participate in this course irrespective of location.

• The videos that aid learning is of remarkable quality. When you play them, there is no delay or buffering on average broadband connections.

• The course length is short. You can always come back to dip in and out in case you forget any step that was taught

• The course is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

• Once you complete this course, you will be good at organizational tasks like research and outlining.

• Access to future content: When you order scrivener unleashed, you will get full access to new updates available in the future.

• Scrivener unleashed is useful for bloggers, academic writers, and nonfiction writers. The module will explain how to effectively optimize your blog using Scrivener. Some points covered include document notes and keywords for bloggers, copy and paste into Word press, blogging template overview and multi markdown introduction.

• Extra Background: Distraction free writing mode is one of the most important features of Scrivener. This course will enable you to learn how to change the background in order to see only the chosen image.

• Availability of a fast start e-book to learn all scriveners’ features for reference.


• It does take time to get acquainted with Scrivener’s advanced features as the course covers it all.

• Requires a small investment as compared to free editing tools like Google Docs.


Scrivener is a powerful writing tool that writers of all niches will appreciate. However, a lot of writers will find it cumbersome to use.

Scrivener unleashed is a potent course to consider if you want to be a strategic content writer. This course is a perfect fit if you already own scrivener and do not know how to use it. In addition, Scrivener unleashed is appropriate for anyone planning on purchasing Scrivener.

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Scrivener Review
Scrivener Review

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