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ZapBG is the easiest way to clear backgrounds from your images without having to go through hassle of using software or hiring anyone.

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What is ZapBG?

ZapBG software tool is a program used for the removal of background from any image. It is a brand new background removal software tool that functions on AI and ML algorithm, which assist you to extract the background from your graphic assets at a quick speed. В ZapBG is a Simple, effective and hassle-free solution for you to remove backgrounds from any image. Crop out your products, models, objects, selfies or anything you like.

The more early adopters like yourselves use it, the better our algorithms become through our machine learning system. В Don't lose time on downloading, opening different image editing programs and designing everything from scratch. ZapBG built a simple editor tool for you inside ZapBG. Currently live with single color backgrounds, and images and gradients soon to come on our roadmap. В Once you are done, share on the platforms that matter.


Key Features

  • Get assured quality with all our products
  • 24/7 support provided with each plan
  • Guaranted BG Remover
  • Credit rollovers
  • 30 day no questions asked refund policy
  • Acccess to our private Facebook group
  • 50 BG Credits Per/Month
  • 100 Credits Rollover
  • 1 GB Storage
  • All Features Included
  • All Updates Included

ZapBG Pricing

LIFETIME DISCOUNT - $49 per year

  • 20 BGR Credits per month
  • 100 Credits rollover per month
  • 2 GB Cloud Storage
  • All future upgrades

LIFETIME DISCOUNT - $99 per year

  • 100 BGR Credits per month
  • 100 Credits Rollover per month
  • 2 GB Cloud Storage per month
  • All future upgrades


  • Pay once and enjoy ZapBG forever with unlimited usage.


  • 8 GB Cloud Storage

  • All future upgrades

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