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Yepic AI is a developer of an AI-generated video platform for mass personalization.

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What is Yepic?

Yepic AI is a developer of an AI-generated video platform for mass personalization. В Yepic AI is building the future of video. Their unique technology makes video production as easy as sending an email. They turn text into AI-generated video in seconds without actors, cameras or studios. The project is led by a diverse team with backgrounds in computer vision and data science.

With Yepic Studio, you can create professional-looking videos without actors, studios, lights or cameras.You can edit videos after you film them, you can also swap backgrounds, voices and even actors at the click of a button.


Key Features

  • Growing TTS Voice Library
  • Growing Avatar Library
  • Upload Custom Backgrounds
  • Upload Custom Audio Voiceovers
  • 1 hour Render Guarantee
  • Multi Language
  • Personalisation
  • API (when it becomes self service)
  • Text to video
  • AI Actor Avatars
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Video sharing pages .
  • MP4 downloads
  • Update video content
  • Hyper Translate
  • Minutes not Months
  • Custom Voiceover
  • Custom Avatars
  • LTD users will get 50% discount on avatars.
  • Custom Voices

Yepic Pricing

Standard - ВЈ30 per user / month

  • 15 video Credits/Month
  • 6+ Pre-Set Avatars (new avatars added regularly)
  • Custom Backgrounds


Premium - ВЈ299 per user / month

  • For personalisation and advanced features
  • 500 Credits/Month
  • Custom Avatars
  • Multi Language
  • API
  • Personalization

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Yepic FAQ

When will I get more Avatars?

  • Once per month we add new avatars. You will get lifetime access to all new avatars.

Do you offer refunds?

  • 30 day money back guarantee, subject to fair use. If you trial the account and feel like Yepic is not for you then that's fine. However if you use download the videos for distribution later on , we reserve the right to reject your refund request. We are offering refunds, but you can't download and use the videos online and then request a refund. We pay actors royalties when their image is used. If you download the videos, use them outside the Yepic share pages and then request a refund... the actors don't get paid. We don't think this is fair. If your on a tier and create a few videos and then have buyers remorse that's fine, but if you created say 100 videos and downloaded them, we would reject the request.

Why does it take 1 hour to make videos?

  • We want to make sure we can grow and improve the product without server bills destroying our business. Our video creation GPU servers are very expensive to run, we need an 8 GPU cluster and about 240gb of memory for every 2 actors. (we have 6) Our video production pipeline costs over $10,000 per month to run. In the coming months the video production will become faster and faster but until then we need to manage expectations.

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