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WP Stagecoach

The ONLY one-click WordPress staging solution that works on any host and doesn’t overwrite your database.

What is WP Stagecoach?

What is WP Stagecoach?

The ONLY one-click WordPress staging solution that works on any host* and doesn’t overwrite your database during import.


  • Push your updates live in one click
  • Save hours of work!
  • Never break a live site again
  • Staging sites are never optional with WordPress
  • No, a backup system is not enough! You need staging sites to solve your siteproblems, not вЂ�band-aid’ them!
  • One-click setup and deployment
  • Database merge feature
  • Off-site staging set up
  • Password-protected staging copies
  • Selective migration
  • Ongoing, responsive support
  • Usable with any host
  • 100% money back guarantee

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