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Social Rocket adds fully-customizable social sharing buttons to your site. It’s easy to use, and packed with many additional social networking features we’re sure you’ll love.

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What is WP Social Rocket?

Over the past several months, we have been busy developing a brand-new plugin from the ground up. It's called Social Rocket, and it's the newest (and we think best) Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress!

Just about everyone needs social sharing buttons for their site. While there are other plugins out there, we just couldn't find one that had all the features we wanted. And the one plugin that came closest to what I personally wanted was a nightmare to work with -- every time they rolled out an update it crashed my site! Frustrated, I decided to build my own.

So after months of planning, developing, and testing, I'm excited to invite you to check out Social Rocket for yourself!

WP Social Rocket Pricing

1 Site - $29 per year

* More networks: Hacker News, VKontakte, Digg, Pocket, WhatsApp, Evernote, Telegram, Yummly, Flipboard, Tumblr, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Amazon Wishlist, Blogger, Delicious, Google Bookmarks, Line, LiveJournal, MySpace, Sina Weibo, Skype, Trello, Viber, Xing, Yahoo Mail

* “More” button allows you to hide certain buttons and reveal on click

* Separate settings for Mobile vs Desktop — customize the appearance and placement of your buttons for different screens

* Link shortening via Bitly

* Share Count Rescue — get back shares from previous URLs (for example if you changed domains, http to https, or any other changes)

* Optionally show custom Pinterest image on your posts/pages

* Upload multiple hidden Pinterest images to each page or post

* And much more!


Additional plans for 5 sites = $99 and unlimited sites for $249.

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