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The Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugin to Boost Visitor Engagement, Improve SEO and Grow Your Website.

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What is WP RSS Aggregator?

Jean Galea, the founder of the highly-regarded WordPress reviews site WP Mayor, initially developed WP RSS Aggregator as a way to import community news to his site.By adding relevant content to your website from other high authority sources you establish yourself as a leading voice in your niche which is always a good thing when building a personal brand.

WP RSS Aggregator gives you all the necessary settings and features to ensure you get the most value out of this content curation strategy.

WP RSS Aggregator Pricing

Basic 1 Site - $59 annually

  • Unlimited sources
  • Set import & storage limits
  • Basic list template
  • Templates (add-on)
  • Categories (add-on)
  • Keyword Filtering (add-on)
  • Premium Support
  • Risk Free for 30 Days


Pro 1 Site - $159 annually

  • Unlimited sources
  • Set import & storage limits
  • Basic list template
  • Templates (add-on)
  • Categories (add-on)
  • Keyword Filtering (add-on)
  • Feed to Post (add-on)
  • Import Posts as Published, Draft, or any other post status
  • Select which images to import and/or set as Post featured images
  • Append/Prepend text, images, audio players and more to the imported posts
  • Custom field mapping for imported posts
  • Full Text RSS Feeds (add-on)
  • Premium Support
  • Risk Free for 30 Days

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WP RSS Aggregator FAQ

Q. Can I purchase add-ons separately?

  • ‍A. Yes, our add-ons can be purchased separately. If you wish to purchase more than one add-on, we recommend opting for a plan for massive savings.

Q. Do I have to pay for your add-ons?

  • ‍A. No, our add-ons are optional extensions for our free core plugin that you can download here. You can also extend our core plugin yourself, but we only provide support for our own extensions.

Q. What is the difference between Free and Premium Support?

  • ‍A. Premium support is our first priority when answering support requests, so it means private email communication, faster response times, easier access to our support team and developers, as well as potential help with very minor customisations.

Q. Do I have to pay extra for support?

  • ‍A. All free users are eligible for limited support. Premium support requires a valid license key and includes quicker response times as well as access to our full support.

Q. Once I purchase, how do I install the add-ons?

Q. What are license keys used for?

  • ‍A. License keys are there to connect your website to ours, allowing us to send you automatic updates if your license key is in good standing. Likewise, we only provide premium support for add-ons if you have a valid license key for the website in question.

Q. What happens if I don’t renew my license?

  • ‍A: Our license keys are subscription-based, meaning they are automatically renewed for you unless you cancel them. Should a license be canceled or expire, you will not receive updates or support for that add-on. You may also opt for manual renewals if required.

Q. What does “sites” refer to in “5 sites”?

  • ‍A. The term “sites” refers to the number of WordPress sites on which you can install and run our plugins with a valid license key. It does not refer to the number of sources you can import items from.

Q. Do WP RSS Aggregator and its add-ons work with

Q: Do you offer a trial period or refund policy?

  • ‍A: While we don’t offer a trial period, we do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you decide the plugins are not for you within the first 30 days from your purchase, you may ask for help or a full refund.


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