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What is WP Photo Seller?

What is WP Photo Seller?

WordPress Photo Seller Plugin is a shopping cart designed and built to meet the needs of photographers.If you are a photographer or hobbyist and want to sell photos, prints, images online then this plugin is an essential tool for you.When you try to sell photos using a generic shopping cart, it doesn’t work out very well most of the time. We are going to address that issue with this plugin.WP Photo Seller plugin will be very useful to graphics designers and visual artists. It is also perfect for event photographers who want to showcase the photos from weddings, sports, parties etc.If you haven't already see a demo of WP Photo Seller now.

Key features of WP Photo Seller

  • Easy Installation
  • ?Sell Photo Prints
  • Sell Digital Photo Downloads
  • Image Dimension
  • Watermark Photos
  • Money back guarantee

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