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What is WP Fluent Forms?

WP Fluent Forms is the most user-friendly, customizable drag-and-drop form builder WordPress plugin to create dynamic WordPress forms using many more completely unique additional features.

Your WordPress forms are just a few clicks away. Select your form fields, click on them or just drag & drop them to the editor, put some dynamic conditional logic if necessary, and voila! You got your unique, super-rich form.

Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder

  • Our powerful drag & drop contact form builder allows you to easily create WordPress contact forms and other online forms in just a few minutes without writing a single line of code. Building forms is now easier for you than writing and drawing them on a piece of paper!

Pre-built Form Templates

  • WP Fluent Forms offers 3 form templates that are already designed for you so that you don't have to plan, design and create a form from scratch. Most used forms like Contact Form, Support Form and Event Registration Form are ready to use for you, anytime!

All The Input Fields You Need

  • WP Fluent Forms comes with all the possible input fields you might need to create a form. From Simple Name input fields to Customisable Text fields and Checkboxes, Repeat Fields or Custom HTML- everything is within your hands reach, waiting to be deployed!

Multi-column Form Layout

  • Don't make your audience go through long scary forms when you have the options to arrange them in a smart way. Deploy your input fields in two or three columns whenever necessary, and give them a more compact and professional look.

100% Responsive

  • Don't worry about your forms breaking up awkwardly on different devices with different screen ratios. Online forms created with WP Fluent Forms are by default compatible with devices with all kinds of screen sizes, including- Smartphones, Tablet PCs, Desktops etc.

Key Features

  • Action Hooks

  • Conditional Email

  • MailChimp Notification

  • Step Forms

  • File & Image Upload

  • Calculated Fields

  • Repeated Fields

  • Drag & Drop Form Builder

  • Conditional Logics

  • Multi-column Form Layout

  • MailChimp & Slack Integration

  • Built-in Data Analysis Tools

  • Restricted Form Submission

  • Form Scheduling

  • Form Notification & Confirmation

  • 15+ 3rd-party Integrations

  • SMS Notifications

WP Fluent Forms Pricing

Single Site License - $59 per year

1 Domain License

  • 1-Year Plugin Update

  • 1-Year Priority Support

  • All Features Included

Agency License - $129 per year

5 Domain License

  • 1-Year Plugin Update

  • 1-Year Priority Support

  • All Features Included

Unlimited License - $199 per year

Unlimited Domain License

  • 1-Year Plugin Update

  • 1-Year Priority Support

  • All Features Included

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WP Fluent Forms FAQ

Do I need coding skills to use WP Fluent Forms?

  • Don't bother your users with long, boring forms, but receive whatever information you want to need! With our Step Form feature & Multi-column layout, make your forms easier and user-friendly for your visitors!

Will WP Fluent Forms slow down my website?

  • Absolutely not. We build WP Fluent Forms very carefully and maintained WordPress standards as well as we only load styles/scripts on the pages where you will use the Forms. As a matter of fact, this is the most lightweight and fastest-loading WordPress form builder plugin with advanced functionalities!

Can I use conditional logic when building a form?

  • Yes, With our powerful conditional logic panel you can build any type of complex form. You can add one or multiple conditional logics to any field and it will work like a charm.

Can I build multi-column forms?

  • Yes, You can use 2-column or 3-column containers and you can build forms.

Can I export the form submission data?

  • Yes, You can export your data in CSV format. We will add other file formats very soon.

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