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WP Draw Attention

The WordPress plugin for creating interactive images. Easy drawing tools, fully responsive

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What is WP Draw Attention?

Draw Attention makes it easy to create interactive image maps. Highlight sections of your images with hotspots so that users can click/tap or hover to read more information about each image map area. Show more content or direct the user to another URL upon clicking or hovering your hotspot.

The image map can contain more information such as images, text, shortcodes, gallery, video, audio, and more. Reveal more information on click/tap or hover. Create custom shapes for interactive hotspots directly on your original image.

Perfect for sketch maps, interactive floor plans for real estate, clickable infographics, sketch annotations, image tutorials, product feature highlights on WooCommerce, and more.

Image Map Features:

  • Draw Unlimited Hotspots: Highlight as many sections as you want in your image map
  • Highlight on Hover: Highlight different image hotspot areas when your site visitor moves their mouse over the interactive image
  • Customizable Colors: Choose your own custom color scheme for the image map to match your site
  • More Info on Click: When a highlighted area is clicked, show more information. Great to highlight points of interest on your image map
  • Go to a URL: Optionally send a site visitor to another URL when clicking highlightable hotspots on your image map



Interactive image maps resize to fit your theme and the available screen size. Draw Attention works on all devices and adjusts your image to screens of any size. Works great on touch screens, too!



Image maps are accessible to everyone who visits your site, regardless of device or capabilities. Your content is accessible to screen readers. All highlightable hotspots can be accessed by keyboard commands. Anyone on any device can use your interactive image map.



Draw Attention is built with the principles of progressive enhancement in mind, so your content is accessible even to users who have JavaScript disabled and is SEO friendly, too! Draw Attention draws SVG shapes in modern browsers and falls back to a standard image map if JavaScript is disabled.



Easy to draw the highlightable areas of your image map – and easy to edit the shapes later too! Create the image map right from your WordPress dashboard. Place your interactive image map into any page or post with a simple shortcode, or use our convenient Beaver Builder module or WordPress Editor Block.

WP Draw Attention Pricing

Single - $99

  • 1 Website
  • Unlimited Interactive Images
  • Unlimited Clickable Areas
  • 20 Color Schemes
  • 6 different layout options
  • 1 Year of Updates and Support


Unlimited - $149

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Interactive Images
  • Unlimited Clickable Areas
  • 20 Color Schemes
  • 6 different layout options
  • 1 Year of Updates and Priority Support

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