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What is WooPack Beaver Builder?

What is WooPack for Beaver Builder?

WooPack is a range of Beaver Builder WooCommerce Modules that is both easy to use and gives you significantly more options to build a beautiful and high converting online shop for your customers.

Modules include:

Single Product Module: Display a single product with add to cart button or a custom button.

Product Grid Module: Easily showcase latest products from your store or a particular product category.

Product Slider Module: An easy to use module to display a carousel or slider of latest or featured products.

Add to Cart Button Module: Create beautiful add to cart button for your product with easy to use design options

Cart Page Styling Module: Drag and Drop the module on your cart page and take control of the styling.

Checkout Page Module: Use this module on the Checkout Page to create beautiful checkout form.

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