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Fast & Secure Browsing on Unlimited Devices! WifiMask Unblocks Websites in 21 Severs Across 8 Countries.

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What is WifiMask?


With the aim to make security accessible and the internet unlimited for everyone, House of Cyber BV brings you WifiMask—a VPN service that provides internet security and unblocks access to online content. ‍Because you get a new IP-address from WifiMask, or more precise from the server on the location you are connecting to, you can pretend that you are on the other side of the planet by choosing a different location under the Teleport option. This is possible because WifiMask currently has 21 servers in 8 countries across the globe. With unlimited data, fast connection, and strict no-logging policy, you're ensured to enjoy surfing privacy, security, speed, stability, and usability.

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