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Wicked Folders

Organize your WordPress media library and custom post types using folders.

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What is Wicked Folders?

What is Wicked Folders?

Organize your WordPress media library with folders and arrange pages, posts and custom post types into folders.


  • ORGANIZE YOUR MEDIA LIBRARY WITH FOLDERSAdd, edit and delete folders directly in the media library. Create any number of folders and nest them any way you want.
  • DRAG & DROPDrag and drop folders and files to quickly organize your media library. Move one file at a time or select multiple to bulk move files. Files can also be copied to multiple folders.
  • DYNAMIC FOLDERSBrowse media by author, date and file extension with our Dynamic Folders feature. No more combing through hundreds of images looking for a PDF. And the 'Unassigned' folder lets you see which files haven't been assigned to a folder yet.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATIONFolders are seamlessly integrated into the media modal for a fluid experience that is designed to save you time. Browse by folder, add, edit or delete folders, and move files to folders, all without interrupting your workflow.
  • UPLOAD TO FOLDERUpload new files directly to a folder so that you don't have to assign them later.
  • ORGANIZE PAGES, POSTS & CUSTOM POSTS WITH FOLDERSUse Wicked Folders to organize your site's pages, posts, and custom post types into folders. Great for sites with a lot of content.

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