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Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite, the #1 WooCommerce wholesale plugin for B2B. Easily Add Wholesale To Your WooCommerce Store

What is Wholesale Suite?

Ditch the spreadsheets & upgrade your wholesale business today!

Wholesale Suite lets you bring your entire wholesale business online so you can streamline & make more profit.
It gives your wholesale customers an amazing ordering experience alongside your normal retail store.

Wholesale Pricing

Easily manage wholesale pricing across multiple levels by fixed price or percentage. Loads of pricing options.

Product Visibility

Control product visibility by user role to make products & categories as wholesale or retail.

Wholesale Tax Control

Satisfy your country's strictest tax requirements & control pricing/tax display as required by law.

Shipping & Payments

Force wholesalers to use certain shipping & payment gateways. You can even add optional surcharges.

Min Purchase Rules

Easily enforce order and product minimums. Control min subtotals and/or quantities by role.

Wholesale Order Form

Our famous streamlined one-page ordering solution that wholesale customers love.

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