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wePOS is an advanced and responsive WooCommerce Point of Sales plugin. It lets you customize features, take orders and track your real-time inventory using your WooCommerce store.

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What is wePOS?

weDevs has launched a very fast and responsive WooCommerce Point of Sales plugin named wePOS Pro.

The Point of Sale market is already crowded with so many options. But wePOS Pro stands out among others because of using cutting edge technology and features to build it. It has entered the market with the missing features that WooCommerce users longed for in a POS system.



  • Filter product by category and scan
  • Print receipt
  • White level invoice
  • Apply discount to products
  • Works with many printers and hardware
  • Taxes calculated based on store setting
  • Search for products by ID, SKU, bar scanner
  • Accept offline orders
  • Capture customer data
  • Barcode support
  • Multiple live cart management
  • Easy UX

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