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Watch Your Product Through the Lens of Your Users – Each and every user action is video recorded by WatchThemLive so you can see what they experience for real.

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What is WatchThem.Live?

The Ultimate Tool To Help You Understand Visitor Intentions

Your product is first class, but for some reason, your website isn’t converting? Don’t waste time and money on split tests, traffic, or wishing wells 💦 because you’re all out of ideas. What you need is a way to watch how users navigate your website so you can see what they do, where they click, and why they leave. Once you understand that, it’ll be a whole lot easier to boost conversion rates.

WatchThem.Live, is a user tracking tool designed to help you understand how visitors navigate your site so you can make data backed decisions that boost your sales. WatchThem.Live is like an X-Ray vision for conversion rate optimization.

Your Visitors Deserve A Bug-Free Experience

Once you’ve got WatchThem.Live set up on your website, you can see how users interact with your web pages through real-time video playbacks. It’s as if you were standing over their shoulder watching their every move, but a lot less stocker-ish. 😀

And with these recordings, you have the opportunity to spot bugs, see features on your site that may be causing a high bounce rate, and catch any UX issues you didn’t notice yourself.

And beyond just watching anonymous users navigate through web pages, you also get access to in-depth analysis of your website visitors so you get a better understanding of your audience. Through the Visitors and Sessions dashboard, you can find information like where your visitors are from, what device they’re using, and watch replays specific to each person. Give your marketing team access to this data, and your advertising performance should skyrocket 🚀 to the moon as you’ve never seen before.

We Build Your Eagle Eyes – Visually understand how users are really experiencing your website without drowning in numbers.

We Show You The Map – Visually demonstrate your user's clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior and understand what users want and care about.

Your Data is Safe with Us – Because your data matters, we never sell your data and you are in full control of it. You can delete it at any time!


HEATMAPS – Visual clues to reveal visitors’ engagement on each and every page. Watch hotspots on any pages with Heatmaps.

SESSION RECORDING – Watch the real-time video playbacks of your users’ or visitors’ journey throughout the website. Watch their activities as if you are sitting next to them.

DEEP ANALYTICS – Simple analytics but deep insights; only focus on what matters. Google Analytics simplified.

SALES FUNNELS – Quickly spot which page is causing visitors to drop off. Build goals and track them.

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