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What is Warfare Plugins?

What is Social Warfare?

Created by Warfare Plugins who are a team of professional content marketers, designers and developers with a focus on social media.

It was from this social media background that a need developed for this team to have a beautifully designed and functional way of letting people share the content they spent so many hours creating.

All this whilst not dramatically slowing down the website performance, which a lot of sharing buttons are guilty of. Since they couldn’t find any suitable solutions in the market, they naturally created it themselves and so Social Warfare was born.

This idea to solve their own dilemma has now grown into the much larger vision of helping content creators across the globe spread their messages as efficiently as possible.

Warfare Plugins currently has three plugins in their range

  • Social Warfare (free version)
  • Social Warfare Pro (more options for boosting online sharing)
  • Social Warfare - AffiliateWP (Help your affiliates share more than just your homepage)

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Key Features

  • Customize social media buttons to match your brand
  • Lightning fast widget - will not slow down your website like most do
  • Affordable pricing from only $29 per year
  • Content protection
  • Click to tweet and other twitter functions built in
  • Developer API gives the tool extra features

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