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Surfer SEO

Rank Your Content With the Power of A.I. Rise to the 1st page of Google with less than 30 minutes of Surfer optimization.

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What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is the Content Intelligence tool that merges content strategy, creation, and optimization into one smooth process to help content teams grow brands, organic traffic, and revenue.

Surfer's mission is to support everyone in delivering the best, most relevant content and raise the quality of the web. We believe marketing results and user satisfaction go hand in hand, and you should never sacrifice one for the other.

Thousands of content, SEO, and marketing specialists use Surfer to accelerate their digital marketing. With Surfer's smart algorithms, you will quickly find the best content opportunities, create a content strategy for months ahead, and write compelling pages based on data-driven guidelines.

Key Features

  • Surfer analyzes 500+ on-page signals in one sweep
    Giving you an easy-to-follow recipe for higher rankings

  • Get things done!
    With Surfer you can work up to 10x faster and automate the manual(and not exactly interesting) parts of your work.

  • Find quick wins and bump your rankings immediately
    Generate a one-click audit for any URL. You'll get a precise, actionable plan you can start implementing right away. With merely a glimpse, you'll know what to focus on when optimizing or crafting new content.

  • Create better content than your competitors
    Our real-time data-driven methodology offers you the perfect keyword density, common words, spot-on copy length, and much, much more. With that information, you'll be able to create outstanding pages that will outrank your organic competitors.

  • Gain trust and win new clients faster with data-driven recommendations
    Surfer is the only SEO tool capable of providing you with instant recommendations, all with proper context. With beautifully presented analysis in the form of easy-to-understand graphs, you'll be able to support your decisions and get the "Yes, please!" from your clients much quicker.

  • 7 day trial for just $1

Surfer SEO Pricing

BASIC - $59 /month

  • 7-day money back guarantee

  • Select Basic

  • 10 Content Editors / month

  • 20 Audits / month

  • Free NLP for 1st month

PRO - $119 /month

  • 7-day money back guarantee

  • Select Pro

  • 30 Content Editors / month

  • 60 Audits / month

  • NLP

  • Invite 3 team members

BUSINESS - $239 /month

  • 7-day money back guarantee

  • Select Business

  • 70 Content Editors / month

  • 140 Audits / month

  • NLP

  • Invite 10 team members

  • White Labeling

  • API

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Surfer SEO FAQ

How does Surfer work? What kind of results can I expect?

Surfer's main goal is to help you create & rank your pages faster than ever.

Surfer will provide you with guidelines based on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) competition, machine learning algorithms, and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

The guidelines will help you design a content plan, create high-quality pages for your keyword, prepare fast and accurate content briefs for yourself and your writers, and audit your existing pages in a way that's both user-friendly and SEO-oriented.

Using Surfer will save you the time you'd otherwise spend on research and increase the accuracy of your work by providing you with relevant data.

There are hundreds of ranking factors that Google algorithms take into consideration, and content is just one of them. Using Surfer doesn't guarantee you'll rank number 1 but it does guarantee your pages will be of the highest possible quality, which maximizes your chances of high rankings. Think of Surfer as your content marketing & on-page SEO consultant.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing.

The NLP-based algorithms at Google interpret the meaning, structure, and sentiment of your text. They assess how relevant your content is to your niche, which impacts your rankings.

At Surfer, we use NLP to extract the entities (relevant words & phrases) related to your main keyword. With NLP-based guidelines, you'll know which terms you should use, where, and how often - to let Google know your content is relevant to your target query.

You can choose between two sources for our NLP guidelines: Google NLP API or Surfer's original NLP engine. Here's more on the difference between the two.

What payment methods do you accept?

The payment methods we accept are credit and debit cards (for monthly & yearly subscriptions) and bank transfers (for yearly subscriptions only). Unfortunately, we do not support PayPal payments.

If I have the annual plan, do my credits reset yearly or monthly?

Your credits will reset monthly just like in the monthly billing plan.

If I choose the annual billing plan, do I have to pay upfront for the entire year?

Yes. Upon registration, you'll be charged for the whole year. However, the monthly cost of using Surfer is lower, comparing to the monthly billing system.

Which plan should I choose as a freelance copywriter?

For freelance copywriters, we recommend the Basic plan. With 10 Content Editor queries a month & and access to most Surfer features, you should have no trouble fulfilling all your projects.

Which plan is the best for an agency?

For medium SEO and/or content agencies, we recommend the Pro plan.

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