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80+ AI writers & analyse top performing content in your niche. The data-driven way to create & update content

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What is Shopia?

Content writing, particularly for businesses, can be expensive and time consuming. Whether it's maintaining an engaging blog, writing eye-catching product descriptions, or even drafting marketing emails that convert.

Shopia is an AI-based content-writer that can write pretty much anything within seconds.

Shopia uses GPT-3, the Rolls Royce of natural language AI models, to write all of its content, giving you the most natural and highest quality results possible.

You can choose from over 50 AI writers and combine them to write exactly the kind of content you need in Shopia's long form editor.

Shopia features a comprehensive article writer & SEO assistant that can write an entire article from just an article title. Not only that, but Shopia's article writer also allows you to generate an outline and talking points for each section to ensure the final result covers everything you want.

Let Shopia analyse your website, automate new content ideas for you and then schedule your content to all your existing channels - Shopia connects to 5000+ apps via Zapier

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Shopia Pricing

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Standard $15/month


  • For personal use.

    Create content 10x faster with AI content drafts

  • 80+ AI Writers

  • Write & Translate 25+ Languages

  • BLOG & SEO

  • 10 Article SEO Lookups

  • 5 Topic Clusters (coming soon)

Pro $39/month


  • For small business –

    Work in teams & organise client’s content

  • All standard features

  • Add user seats & approval workflows

  • BLOG & SEO

  • 25 Article SEO Lookups

  • 25 Topic Clusters (coming soon)

  • Long-form article editor

Business $79/month

  • 100K WORDS / MONTH

  • For larger teams & agencies – organise your client’s content

  • All pro features

  • Add user seats & approval workflows

  • BLOG & SEO

  • Unlimited SEO Lookups

  • 80 Topic Clusters (coming soon)


  • Flexible content controls

  • Better outputs - more memory

  • Priority support

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