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Audit SEO performance and generate detailed, white-label reports.

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What is SerpWizz?

The Toolkit To Measure & Track Your SEO

  • Performance
    Create an on-page SEO audit report with white label features on SERPWizz today! Explore the features that keep your site performance and team on track with our SEO audit tool.

  • Easy-To-Use SEO Tool

    We give you all of the information needed to improve your SEO through the SERPwizz website audit tool.

  • Professional-Looking White Label Reports With Your Brand

    Perfect for SEO agencies that want to create beautiful reports for their clients via a free website audit tool.

  • Embed Our Audit Tool

    Easily embed the audit tracking code into your site to connect to our SEO audit tool.

  • Free SEO Tools and Widgets

    Lots of free SEO tools and widgets are included on our platform with our site audit tool.

  • A Complete Audit Of Your Website

    All your SEO rank factors in one place. Clear, actionable, prioritized all through our website audit tool.

  • Add your entire SEO team

    Ideal for an individual OR SEO teams who want to collaborate through the use of website auditing tools.


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SerpWizz Pricing


  • This plan works great for those just venturing into the wonderful world of SEO magic. If your web page is in fledgling mode or you’re not looking to audit multiple sites, this could be the plan for you (for now). 

MAGE - $19 /Monthly

  • If you’ve already dipped your toes into the SEO audit pool and need frequent checks on multiple websites, consider purchasing this plan for unlimited SEO reports!

MAGICIAN - $49 /Monthly

  • This package will wave its magic wand over your audits with its impressive range of features. Not only do you get access to unlimited reports, you’ll also see how your website stacks up with our SERPwizz Rank Checker!

WIZARD - $99 /Monthly

  • If Gandalf the Grey had his own website, you can bet he’d have this plan on his GondorCard. You’ll get white label reports you can tailor to your clients with customizable templates, embed tools, Zapier integration – the list goes on!

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