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A Cold Email Outreach tool you’ll love it for its advanced cold emailing & high deliverability features and your prospects will love for the personalized, meaningful and spam-free communication.

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What is Saleshandy?

Saleshandy is a cold email outreach platform that seamlessly enables marketing and sales teams to scale their email outreach operations.

Campaigns on Saleshandy are the easiest to schedule and you can send hundreds (or thousands) of multi-stage automated follow-up emails to your leads at once. You can personalize your email campaigns using merge tags, and have automated follow-ups sent based on engagement (open or clicks) on the last email.

You can schedule these campaigns to go out in your recipient’s time zone too, so your emails don’t get buried in their inbox.

Saleshandy has one-click integrations with Outlook and Gmail and SMTP connections to all other email services.

With over 200,000 users from companies like Amazon, Uber, Verizon, Conde Nast, Dell, Lacoste, Walmart, and more, Saleshandy is the most trusted solution for your sales productivity and growth.

Saleshandy Pricing

Outreach Basic $34/month

  • For Growing Teams

  • Unlimited Email Sequences

  • Unlimited Prospects & Steps

  • A/B Testing

  • Reports & Insights

  • Email Health Score

  • Email Warm-up

  • Public API

  • Free 14-Day Trial NEW

  • Outreach Pro $94/month

  • Outreach Scale $179/month

  • Users can connect unlimited email accounts, unlimited team members

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