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What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is A virtual private network (VPN) like NordVPN allows you to confidently browse the Internet whilst protecting your sensitive personal information and payment data in the best way possible.NordVPN is one of the standout companies in this space with their rock solid global infrastructure, stellar support and for a limited time only one of the best deals on the planet for a VPN.

We help companies keep their networks and Internet connections secure. Our VPN service adds an extra layer of protection to secure your communications. We do this by applying strong encryption to all incoming and outgoing traffic so that no third parties can access your confidential information. Protect your organization against security breaches. Secure remote team access. Simplify business network security. Access region-specific online content from anywhere in the world

Key Features

  • Browse fearlessly online

  • Protect your sensitive data and money

  • Great deals to save money on now

  • 30 day money-back guarantee

  • Many awards and editor's choice recommendations

NordVPN Pricing

2-year plan - $ 3.30 per month

  • Save 72% + 3 months FREE

  • $89.00 for the first 2 years

1-year plan - $ 4.92 per month

  • Save 58%

  • $59.00 for the first year

1-month plan - $ 11.95 per month

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How do I buy a NordVPN subscription?

  • The best way is to order straight from our website — we offer unbeatable NordVPN prices as part of our special deals. All you have to do is scroll up to the top of this page, pick the plan you want, and click Continue to Payment. In the order page, simply enter your email address, select your payment method, and finish the transaction.

How much does a VPN cost?

  • Most VPN providers offer monthly and a few different long-term plans. Users usually have to pay for the whole period when they buy a subscription. Naturally, two- and three-year plans offer the best deal. Monthly subscriptions cost $8.00-$13.00/month, while yearly plans most often go for $6.00-$7.00/month.

Can I buy NordVPN in retail stores?

  • Yes, you can buy NordVPN from Best Buy, Target, and other retail locations. If you desire more anonymity, pay in cash. Please keep in mind that NordVPN prices may vary for physical products — NordVPN costs less when you order a special deal directly from our website.

How do I upgrade my plan?

  • You can upgrade your VPN plan at any time — simply visit your user profile, click on Pick a Plan, and select the subscription option you like. It will take effect when your current subscription expires. But this is important — don't forget to cancel the recurring subscription to avoid being charged twice.

Do you accept PayPal?

  • In some cases, you can use PayPal to buy a VPN subscription from us. We also accept major credit cards, cryptocurrencies, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and many other payment methods. Note that we cannot grant refunds if you purchased the NordVPN app through Apple's App Store – you will have to contact App Store support for that.

NordVPN Reviews

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