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introducing: is the All In One Marketing Platform Plan, where you can execute, project, and optimize your entire marketing strategy all from one powerful place.

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What is is your tool to Plan, Execute, Analyze & Optimize Your Next Big Marketing Funnel Idea. Map Out Your Marketing Funnels, Collaborate with Your Team, Execute Your Strategy & Set It All Live With 1 Click.

Who Uses

Marketing Agencies, Small & Medium Business Owners, and anyone who markets their online business.

What do people use for?

  • is the only app that allows you to:

  • Map out your marketing funnels,

  • Ensure congruence with your marketing message and brand across all your channels,

  • Assign tasks and collaborate with your team,

  • Comment and chat with your team in real time,

  • Run realistic projections,

  • Price your offers correctly for maximum revenue potential,

  • Set your funnel live and watch your plans in action with 1 click,

  • Set changes live in real time.

Key Features

  • Mapping & Planning

  • A clean, simple, and powerful canvas. Drag and drop your perfect funnel plan in place

  • Letв face it, a full online marketing campaign is messy and has a ton of moving parts. You need a PLAN that everyone can see, edit, and stay accountable to. Now, you have one place where you can take the great ideas in your head and set them into motion

  • Accountability & CollaborationEnsure congruence with your marketing message and brand across all your channels.

  • Assign tasks, comment, chat with your team, in real time, even if you’re in the same plan. Know your next move. Watch your plan move forward and see entire pieces come together.

  • Impressive ProjectionsPlot out your revenue, expenses, and forecast dynamic conversion rate scenarios

  • Run realistic projections to get your funnel from break even to profitability before you even spend one dime on traffic. Price your offers correctly for maximum revenue potential.

  • Live ModeSet it all live with one click

  • Once you are ready to set your funnel free into the real world, watch your plan go LIVE into action. Track your links, perform realtime optimizations and make profitable decisions. Pricing

Solo Plan - Free Plan Features Included

  • 1 User

  • 1 Plans

  • 20 Funnel Vault Templates

  • Funnel Mapping and Planning

  • Funnel Forecasting and Projections

  • Kanban and Task Management

  • Funnel Exporting and Sharing

  • 10+ Canvas Apps

  • 40+ Tutorial and Training Videos

Starter Plan - $9 per month

  • Everything in free plan PLUS:

  • Starts with 3 Users_

  • 10 Plans

  • Full Team Collaboration Features

  • Image and Video Collaboration

  • Custom Team and Client Permissions

Pro Plan - $24 per month

  • Everything in starter plan PLUS:

  • Starts with 5 Users_

  • Starts with 10,000 Page Views_

  • Unlimited Plans_

  • Live Mode Analytics

Agency Plan - $79 per month

  • Everything in pro plan PLUS:

  • Starts with 15 Users

  • Starts with 50,000 Page Views

  • Starts with 15 Users

  • Starts with 50,000 Page Views

  • Unlimited Plans

  • Live Mode Analytics

  • Custom Domain Integration

  • Custom Branded UI Lifetime Deal

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How does MarketPlan calculate monthly traffic?

MarketPlan tracks page views that come to the pages inside of your plans. Each time your webpage is loaded, the MarketPlan tracking pixel is triggered, and that is tracked as a page view.

Does MarketPlan integrate with any platforms?

MarketPlan allows you to load up most page builders in-app so that you can work on all of your pages in one place. В MarketPlan's "Live Mode" analytics offers the option for more advanced and accurate sales tracking by directly integrating with many payment processors to accommodate most funnel flows including ClickFunnels, Digistore 24, Keap/InfusionSoft, OntraPort, PayPal, SamCart, Shopify, Stripe, ThriveCart, UltraCart, WooCommerce.

We are looking forward to launching automation integrations (such as Zapier, Syncspider, etc.) with our Task Manager and CRM feature releases to allow you to create the workflows that best suit your needs.

Does MarketPlan have any templates for me to get started with?

Yes! Our template vault is free to access, and currently has 20 high-converting funnel templates, with many more on the way.

What kind of permissions can I set for my team and clients?

MarketPlan allows agencies and teams to control which team members and clients can create plans and projects, what they can do on the canvas, if they can simply view the plan only, which plans they have access to, and many

Can I view my pages inside of MarketPlan?

Yes! Our page module, as well as all of our canvas apps are designed as complete in-depth, functioning pieces of your campaign, not representations or drawings of something that exists in another app.

The page module has your actual live URL in it for tracking, and your ad set module has your actual ads and budget all linked inside of MarketPlan for simple viewing and collaboration with team and clients.

Is MarketPlan compatible with my browser or OS?

MarketPlan is compatible with most internet browsers, but the most thoroughly tested and used on Chrome.

MarketPlan is compatible with MacOS, Windows, and Linux, and are excited to bring mobile compatibility in Phase 5 of our development roadmap, the launch of MarketPlan's mobile app.

Does MarketPlan backup my data?

Your data such as emails written in MarketPlan, blog copy, ad videos and images, as well as chat threads are all backed up daily on our secure server.

How can I contact support?

We have many ways to get in touch! Message us via our support chat available on the bottom left of the MarketPlan website or via our in-app help center. MarketPlan has a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group where you can message our team. You can also email us directly at Reviews

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