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Build your marketing machine. Elevate your brand, track leads, and convert more business with the all-in-one link management platform.

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What is JotUrl?

JotURL is a digital marketing optimization tool that provides professional online marketers, advertising agencies, and e-commerce businesses with a single, unified solution for managing, optimizing, comparing, and monitoring all their marketing links.

With JotURL, users are treated to a wide selection of powerful tools and capabilities designed to help them leverage and measure cross-channel touch points, optimize their marketing budget, enhance campaign implementation and performance, and improve conversions among others.

Managing and performing traditional online campaign processes such as CTAs, conversion tracking, branded links and more are costly. With JotURL, everything is under one roof, giving you total control over your marketing efforts and spend.

Key Features

  • Branded Links

  • Calls to Action

  • Conversions

  • Retargeting

  • UTM Builder

  • App Deep linking

  • Easy Deep Links

  • InstraURL

  • WhatsURL

  • Monitoring

  • Trends and Analytics

JotUrl Pricing

GROWTH €9/month

  • 5k events/month

  • 2K event links

  • 3 users

  • 5 Re-marketing/retargeting pixels IDs

PRO - €69/mo

  • 100K events/month

  • 30K event links

  • 10 users

  • Unlimited Re-marketing/retargeting pixels IDs

BUSINESS - €169/mo

  • 500k events/month

  • 100K event links

  • 30 users

  • Unlimited Re-marketing/retargeting pixels IDs

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JotUrl FAQ

What happens when I click Get Started?

You'll immediately start your free 14-day trial of JotURL. You can stop your trial before expiration and still use it up to the end of the trial period. You can also upgrade to a paid plan at any time, being protected with our 30-day money-back guarantee, on your first order.

How do I get started using JotURL?

We've got you covered. Head over to our Tutorials and learn all about the basics of how to brand, track, and grow your business.

What are events?

Events are anything that needs a metric to be recorded. For instance, in case of a branded link with a retargeting pixel, events/month represent the maximum number of clicks you can track each month. Please find more detail here.

What happens if I exceed my events limit?

You will receive at least two alerts via email when your events usage is nearing its limit and you will have the option to upgrade. If you don’t upgrade in time, your links will continue to be redirected, but any other feature (e.g. analytics, calls-to-action, conversions tracking, deep linking, monitoring, retargeting, etc.) along with the access to some areas in your dashboard will be denied, until your next billing date or upgrade. Please find more info here.

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