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Your No-Code Webflow Sidekick. Real-time search, dynamic filtering, and more for Webflow — without writing code

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What is Jetboost?

On-page, real-time search

Your customers expect to be able to search your content. You've tried the native Webflow search, but you want to search a single CMS list, not your entire site.

So, what if you could search items directly on your page, in real-time as you type? 

Jetboost makes this possible, with instant, on-page search. It even works with paginated lists.

Dynamic filters without the hassle

Your site content has different categories, tags, or other groupings. You want it to be easily filterable, but Javascript plugins like Mixitup are incredibly difficult to set up.

You use Webflow so you don't have to mess with code! Shouldn't you be able to add dynamic filters without code then?

Now you can, using Jetboost's Dynamic Filters Booster. Set it up in minutes, not days or weeks.

Save favorite items or create a wishlist

Providing your site visitors with the ability to favorite or bookmark items is a complicated process filled with broken zaps, frustrating errors, and wasted hours.

Imagine if it was actually simple to add favoriting to your site? You could instead spend your time doing what you do best, designing awesome websites!

With the Favorite CMS Items Booster, you don't have to dream any longer. There's no complicated logic to set up, no errors to worry about, and of course, no code to write.

It even automatically integrates with Memberstack, MemberSpace and Outseta.

Jetboost Pricing

Free unlimited trial

Free to set up and use until your site is live on a custom domain. All products include unlimited sites under a single Webflow account.

All in one Bundle - $29/mo billed annually or $36.25 month-to-month.

Fully enhance your Webflow sites using all of Jetboost!

Included Products

  • Advanced Pagination

  • Auto-Archive CMS Items

  • Dynamic List Filters

  • Dynamic List Sort

  • Favorite CMS Items

  • Real-Time List Search

Dynamic CMS Essentials - $19/mo billed annually or $23.75 month-to-month.

Create discoverable Webflow CMS content with these core Jetboost products!

Included Products

  • Advanced Pagination

  • Dynamic List Filters

  • Dynamic List Sort

  • Real-Time List Search

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