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Easy email testing for developers and users – Use the SMTP sandbox and add 1 line of JavaScript to view test emails inside your app as you build it 🏗️

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What is Imitate Email?

Email is a big part of software. Testing it shouldn't be.

Imitate Email was designed to enable software teams of all sizes to easily test email flows, whether writing your own software or using a third party, and across in-house and external users.

Use our SMTP sandbox and add 1 line of JavaScript to view test emails inside your app as you build it - Easy email testing for developers and users.


  • Sandbox Smtp Server - The sandbox SMTP server enables developers to quickly set up test email delivery for themselves, against their code or others, as well as for users involved in testing.

  • Embedded Widget - See test emails alongside the web app that’s sending them using our web widget. Developers and users can quickly test email-based workflows.

  • Mailbox App - Inside both the widget and the web app, developers/testers can view their emails in HTML, text, or raw formats with the ability to preview across desktop and mobile.

  • Perfect for teams - 15 Users included, 15 active widget users, 1 mailbox per user, 15 team mailboxes, 1000 daily emails, and more!

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