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Gyana is a code-free data platform that makes it easy to integrate your tools, work with data, and build dashboards in a visual interface!

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What is Gyana ?

Gyana is an easy to use, drag'n'drop report and dashboard builder, powered by data science tools, so that your data reporting is covered end to end. Bring in any sort of spreadsheet or connect one of your cloud tools or databases, prepare your data in clicks, create insights and share them with your clients, teams and stakeholder.

Gyana is for every industry and almost any role. It makes aggregating data safely an intuitive task, and it completely erase the tedious and repetitive tasks required for regular reporting.


Key Features

  • Build live, customizable dashboards from 37 data sources in minutes
  • Alternative to: Google DataStudio
  • Work with data in a no-code visual editor to calculate metrics and automate analysis
  • Best for: Sales teams, marketers, and agencies looking to track metrics, automate workflows, and share reports with clients

Gyana Pricing


Get started, free forever

  • ‍50k rows of data
  • Up to 3 projects
  • Unlimited members
  • All our integrations
  • Live chat support


Pro - $30 /mo

For small teams and freelancers

  • 1 million rows of data
  • Unlimited projects
  • Team roles
  • Unbranded dashboards
  • Project permissions


$30 per 1 million rows


Business - $150 /mo

For growing teams and agencies

  • 10 million rows of data
  • White-label
  • Custom domains
  • External collaborators Soon


$15 per 1 million rows

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Gyana FAQ

What is a row of data?

  • Every integration you connect to Gyana (like a file, Google Sheet or Facebook account) is made up of one or more tables (think a Spreadsheet, but bigger). The tables are made up of rows - so for example, if your table is a list of your customers, each row is a customer. With Gyana you only pay for the integration storage - any intermediate results you create are free.

Are the integrations live?

  • Yes - we pull the latest data from your data sources. You'll always be looking at the freshest insights, without any extra work.

Where is my data stored?

  • Your data is stored securely by our cloud technology partners, and is encrypted at rest. Gyana is ISO 27001 certified, the gold standard for information security. Reach out to us if you'd like to learn more.

What about GDPR?

  • Gyana is committed to GDPR compliance. Your data is always located in the UK and EU, and we act as your data processing partner.

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