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What is GSA Rental Pro?

What is GSA Rental Pro?

GSA Rental Pro is a software developed especially for rental services and lenders. Also included is the possibility to organize services and sales by creating invoices and bills. The settings are so easy to configure that you can configure anything in detail.

GSA stands for German Software development and Analytics. GSA Rental Pro is currently only available in German, but we can quickly translate the interface and its functions to any language required if there is a large enough demand.

GSA Rental Features

  • Define your Data
  • Mass E-Mailing
  • Easy Setup
  • Get Guided
  • Import your Data
  • Manage Database
  • Offers and Bids
  • Open Payments
  • Rentals
  • Create an Invoice
  • Rental Agreement
  • Create an Offer
  • Inventory Database
  • View All Rented Items
  • Free Updates
  • Lifetime License
  • First Class Support
  • New Features
  • Regular Updates

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