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Hassle-free webinar software From remote employee trainings to hybrid all-hands; pre-recorded product demos to multi-day conferences – GoTo Webinar makes events easy.

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What is GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar makes communication with prospects, employees, partners and customers easier and more efficient than any webinar product available today. With GoToWebinar, it's easy to create captivating events that build brand awareness, generate qualified leads and connect you to your target audience.

Key Features of GoToWebinar

  • Powerful online video streaming platform means no hiccups during presentation

  • Reach and qualify your prospects more often

  • Do presentations to more people in less time

  • Improve customer retention and brand awareness

  • Allows audience interaction

  • Simulated live webinars allow pre-recording for ease

  • It can do presentations on your mobile phone

  • Perform Q&A's, polls, surveys and more

  • Professional customer support 24/7


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