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Deadline Funnel

Deadline Funnel makes it easy to increase conversions and generate more sales with authentic evergreen marketing.

What is Deadline Funnel?

Deadline Funnel is a tool that increases conversions for digital marketers by using personalized deadlines, which help generate more sales and business growth. ... Deadline Funnel allows you to create a funnel timer to encourage potential customers to take action now. В With Deadline Funnel you'll bring in the revenue you'll use to spread your message further.

In summary, it is the most often used scarcity marketing software that creates a real sense of urgency for customers.

It inspires them to make a purchase of products or services and in other cases, it gives customers a reason to subscribe to your email list or sign up for your services now. Not later.

Armed with tons of features, Deadline Funnel is easier to use. It provides excellent value for money and by extension, instigates customers to make a purchase right now which is awesome. Most website users prefer using it to other scarcity marketing tools, for good reason.

It is easier to use and doesn't slow your website at all. Another thing, you can use it on multiple websites. You just need to set it and forget about its campaigns, it will do the rest for you. Not only is Deadline Funnel effective but it is the best tool on the web currently.

Key Features

  • Build Real Evergreen Campaigns.

  • Create Product Launch Campaigns, too.

  • Powerful Email and Zapier Integrations.

  • Cross-Device Tracking.

  • Add Countdown Timers to Your Landing Pages.

Deadline Funnel Pricing

Start - $49 per month

  • 3 Campaigns

  • 1000 Leads/Month

  • Email + Chat Support

Create - $99 per month

  • Most Popular

  • Portal

  • Unlimited Campaigns

  • 10,000 Leads/Month

  • Advanced Customization

  • Automated Weekly Report

  • Color Palettes + Custom Colors

  • Remove Deadline Funnel Branding

  • Priority Email + Chat Support

Scale - $199 per month

  • Everything in Create, plus:

  • 100,000 Leads/Month

  • 5 Client Accounts

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Deadline Funnel FAQ

What's a Campaign?

  • A Deadline Funnel campaign is a specific deadline and offer. So if you are running a 20%-off evergreen offer for your course, that would be one campaign. Or if you're running a specific fixed-date promotion, that would be another campaign.

How Do You Count Leads?

  • The amount of leads used each month is determined by how many subscribers go through your evergreen campaigns each month. So if you set up an evergreen campaign that starts when someone subscribes to your list, then the number of leads calculated by Deadline Funnel would be the number of new subscribers in any given month. Don't worry - if you go over the leads limit we don't disable your account - we'll just shoot you an email and let you know you need to upgrade.

Which Plan Should I Choose?

  • If you're not sure which plan to choose, we recommend the Start plan. You can always upgrade with a simple click of a button in your account at any time.

What Does "Data History" Mean?

  • On the Start plan, you can see reports for how many people are going through your campaigns for the last 90 days. On the Create and Scale plans, you can view reports going back 6 months. This is just a reporting limit and doesn't affect anything else. :)

What's The Setup Process Like?

  • As soon as you start your free trial, we'll walk you through a few simple questions about what you're trying to set up. From there, you simply copy and paste our code on your landing pages and emails. And we're here to help - you can schedule a free setup call with our team to help get started.

What Type of Support Do You Offer?

  • We offer live chat support from 9 am to 6 pm EST, as well as email support on the weekends.

Deadline Funnel Reviews

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