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Functional music to improve. Focus in 5 minutes. Our science-first approach creates music that sounds different and affects your brain differently than any other music.

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What is

A new approach to music

Music is usually made to grab your attention and express emotion. But we create music with a new approach, starting with your needs and working from there. As a result, sounds different and affects your brain differently than any other music.

Just as the visual design of an office or bedroom should enhance its function, the music you listen to should support your goals as well. Think of as interior design for your mind! is a collaboration between scientists, musicians and developers who each believe that the best approach to functional music is not curation of existing music, but through research, testing, and in every way crafting music with function first.

Created with your day in mind

We create music to support you in everyday activities helping people get more done, feel more relaxed, or get better sleep. By designing music with your needs in mind, we've created a tool to help bring out the best in everyone. Functional music made from the ground up, for each purpose, can transform your daily routine and ultimately elevate humanity - one brain at a time. Pricing

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Am I tied to a contract?

Nope! You can cancel at any time from your Account Overview, or by contacting us at

Is my payment going to be secure?

Yes! forces HTTPS for all services and our payments are processed by Stripe, an internationally trusted payment provider certified at the most stringent level available in the industry. We never store your credit card or billing information on our servers and are rigorous about our customers' privacy.

Is using binaural beats?

No. Dr. Gerald Oster, who is credited with popularizing the term, ultimately denied that they have any therapeutic use cases. Even so, it has lingered in pop science today.

Although both involve acoustic modulation, uses a unique and patented method, including many other sound features designed to help you reach particular mental states. To give a few examples, our sleep music uses 3D spatialization to produce relaxing auditory motion (вЂrocking’), and our focus music filters out high frequencies that can otherwise be distracting.

What's the science behind is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF-STTR#1720698), and research conducted by along with other literature can be found here: Reviews

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