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3000+ successful affiliate marketers use Affiliatable to create comparison tables and product boxes that help in increasing the conversion rate.

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What is Affiliatable?

Affiliatable is a all-in-one affiliate toolkit assisting you to create a comparison table, product box, pros/cons box etc.. This isn't always easy as you need to install multiple plugins and manage them all.

Affiliatable simplifies this with an easy way to create everything in a single platform. Whether you're an individual or agency, our pricing is pretty simple. You're even able to use the power of Affiliatable entirely free with limited options. No hidden fees.

Amazon API Integration

  • Import the product details directly from Amazon and add it to your tables and product boxes in a single click.

Wordpress Plugin

  • Use our Wordpress plugin to quickly add tables and boxes by inserting a shortcode directly in your post.

Clicks Report

  • Analyze which table or box is performing well and optimize all your money pages for higher conversions.

Schema Optimized

  • Improve the way search engines read and represent your page in SERPs by adding schema optimized tables and boxes.

Multiple CTA

  • Seamlessly use the multiple call to action (CTA) feature and direct users to other merchants other than Amazon.

Custom CMS

  • Add the base code in your custom built website (non-wordpress) and start using Affiliatable right away.

Highly Compatible

  • Create high converting comparison tables and product boxes with the tools you already use. Elementor or Oxygen builder, Affiliatable works everywhere.

Pre-Designed Templates

  • Pick any template on your choice and give your affiliate site a professional look by using our pre-designed comparison tables and boxes with complete branding control.

Simple & Clean

  • We only use HTML & CSS to keep the code clean. Add the product details, select the template, copy the embed code and insert it in your post.

Performance & Speed

  • There are no additional plugins or JS required to install on your website to use Affiliatable. This means you can achieve your core web vitals score 90+ easily.

Responsive & Customizable

  • We offer sections and settings which give you flexible options for customizing the template, color, text format and CTA of your pages.

Affiliatable Pricing

Basic Single Plan - Free Forever

  • One Website

  • WordPress Plugin

  • Unlimited Comparison Table

  • Unlimited Product Box

  • Unlimited Pros and Cons Table

  • Unlimited Top 3 Choice Box

  • Future Updates

  • Regular Support

Pro Single - $39/ Year

  • One Website

  • WordPress Plugin

  • Unlimited Comparison Table

  • Unlimited Product Box

  • Unlimited Pros and Cons Table

  • Unlimited Top 3 Choice Box

  • Future Updates

  • Priority Support

  • Premium Templates

  • Schema Optimized

  • Team Member

Pro Infinite - $89/ Year

  • Unlimited Websites

  • WordPress Plugin

  • Unlimited Comparison Table

  • Unlimited Product Box

  • Unlimited Pros and Cons Table

  • Unlimited Top 3 Choice Box

  • Priority Support

  • Future Updates

  • Premium Templates

  • Schema Optimized

  • Team Member

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Affiliatable FAQ

Who is Affiliatable built for?

  • Affiliatable is built for Affiliate Marketers. All the functions are easy to use and you can have your first table or box installed in less than 5 minutes.

What makes Affiliatable different from other tools or plugins?

Our tool is 100% cloud based and you'll no longer have to install expensive plugins, which in the end will save about a hundred dollars per year and ensure your page loading speed is not affected. More than just a tool, Affiliatable offers you a greater freedom to build a successful affiliate site with outstanding features.

Why should I upgrade to Pro plan if the current Free plan already meets my needs?

While the FREE plan brings a lot of values to your website, our Pro plan is a more powerful option to help you scale your website..

  • Access to premium templates

  • Advanced visual editor

  • Schema Optimized

  • Early access to our future updates

  • VIP customer support

Does Affiliatable only work for Amazon affiliate websites?

  • No! Our tool is developed in such a way that you can promote other merchants other than Amazon.

Does Affiliatable work well with page builders?

  • Of course. Our tool works well with the most popular and trusted page builders like Elementor, Oxygen, Thrive etc. If you encounter any issues, our support team will assist you and provide you with the appropriate solution for you.

Does Affiliatable only work on websites built on WordPress CMS?

  • No! Affiliatable is moreover a cloud-based app and not a wordpress plugin. So you can use it on any CMS including sites built on HMTL and PHP.

Will Affiliatable slow down my website?

  • No worries. The base code is lightweight and served via CDN so that it won’t slow down your website. Installing too many plugins on your website will affect your loading time and may lead to lower conversions. With Affiliatable, we aim to optimize your loading speed.

Do I need to change any code?

  • You don't have to edit any code to get the awesome custom look & feel you want. All our features are easy to use without editing a single line of code. You just need to copy the embed code and paste it onto your website. It’s really that simple.

Do I need to update the Affiliatable base code?

  • If you upgrade from the free plan to pro plan, you need to update the base code as the pro version base code is different from the free version.

What's your refund policy?

  • For your monthly or yearly subscription, you have 7 days after the transaction to request for a refund, but please be advised that we reserve the right to decline that request should we see high activity on your account within this time.

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