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There are tried and true methods to getting attention online. Some strategies are going to pay off dividends, others aren’t. You’ll find that in the world of internet marketing, a lot of opinions get thrown around, some of which make sense, but most of which aren’t going to pay off nearly as well as you’d like.

Trying to find what works can be an exhausting exercise, which is why many people avoid doing all the groundwork on their own. If your goal is to make money online, and you don’t want to go through the proverbial school of hard knocks, then it’s time to take a glance at Market Samurai by a team of SEO professionals who know what they are doing.

This is going to change the way that you see internet marketing, and it’s because it’s built to set you up with 4 pillars to pull traffic in from some of the most unlikely sources online.

Consider the following pillars you can use immediately even in the initial 14 day free trial of Market Samurai. (Download here)

  1. Pulling Keyword Traffic From Low Competition Areas
    When trying to rank a high competition keyword, you are competing with a lot of people which will not be easy to rank for. However, there are millions of “low” competition keywords that many ignore.

    If a keyword doesn’t get 1,000 searches a month, people dismiss it. They look for 10,000 or even 100,000 searches, and then they try to tackle the giants that are ranking high on those words. You can go that route, and try to compete, but if you’re not an established name in your industry, you are not going to get very far unless you have a lot of money to burn and even then no guarantees! That’s why you will want to look into a tool like Market Samurai which shines in doing competitor and market research.

    Going after lower competition keywords can help you make serious progress quick. For instance, let’s say you targeted low competition keywords that only received 500 searches a month. If you can rank three of those keywords you would have 1,500 searches that put you at #1 in Google. If at least 500 of those visitors hit your page, and 5% of them bought what you were promoting, you would have 25 sales.

    Can you see why this “Low Competition” pillar is a must?

  2. Relevancy More Than Just Numbers

    The biggest mistake that marketers make when trying to work with keyword relevancy, is focusing on broad topics unrelated to your core business in the hope of pulling in a lot of people.

    Market Samurai naturally focuses you in on relevancy to your market. You’re going to find that you can hyper target your keyword placements into strings, and elements that people search for and want more information about. Your relevancy in keyword elements matters more than ever before. With Market Samurai, however, you will learn how to throw out useless keywords, and target those that are going to be laser targeted for what you’re doing.

    Google loves relevancy and they also love quality so remember that when preparing your content and answer the key questions people have and you will be doing well.

    Relevancy is a major pillar you need to have in place.

  3. Figuring Out What Turns Visitors Off

    Market Samurai also show keywords that won't help your business. That’s right, there are some words that could very well send people fleeing your page. One of the problems that many marketers face is that of bounce rates that are far too high for comfort and far too high for Google.

    Once you start to break down the keywords that work, you’ll see how many marketers use the wrong words, the wrong relevancy measurements, and actually send their own target audience away, without selling a thing. The last thing that you want is for traffic to hit your page and then leave within seconds of getting there.

    Reducing the bounce rate is one of the major pillars that you’ll set up when you focus on working with this solution today.

  4. Reducing The Need To Rush Through Marketing
    The biggest pillar that you need to put up when working with internet marketing is patience and an open mind. If you are patient, and you set things up the right way, you will reap the rewards when others are still trying to figure out how to market.

    Market Samurai gives a full run down of how to farm keywords, how to look at the raw data, and use that to your advantage.

    When signing up for their newsletter, you will get all the information you need to get started with traffic generation. They give away free how to videos that will instruct you on the best way to analyze data in Market Samurai for the long game.

    Make a commitment to the SEO long game and get started with a Market Samurai free trial.

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