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Pull Your Business Up by the Bootstrapps.

Yes, we spelled bootstraps as bootstrapps intentionally. The key to our entire reason for doing business is apps.

Our mission is all about helping you pull your business up through the clever use of growth hacking apps at bootstrapped pricing. There are so many ways you can get apps cheaper but one of the best ways we know how is through the power of the crowd.

This is why we have created this crowdsourcing platform for business apps.

What is a CrowdSourcing Platform?

Crowdsourcing is a sourcing model in which people get goods and services, including ideas and finances, from a large, relatively open and often rapidly evolving group of internet users; it divides work between participants to achieve a cumulative result.

For us here at Bootstrapps, this cumulative result focuses on getting you a better deal on growth hacking apps and traditional business software.

Every app listing on this website has a form near the top of the page that allows you to join a wait-list. The more people on each wait-list, the bigger the crowd influence and power to negotiate a better deal direct with the app vendors on your behalf.

You can search for your first app right now or go to our FAQ (below). We also have a useful strategy guide on other ways to make sure you never pay full price for apps and services again delivered in an online magazine format.

You have Questions?

We have Answers

The best deal at Bootstrapps is the one you will see most called “Amazon Gift Card Offer“. The gift cards are typically for 10% of the purchase price for the app. The reason these deals are best is that the gift card you get is over and above any coupon codes for the app.

EXAMPLE: You find an app (retail price of $100) and click a link from this website to buy it with a coupon code you already have to save 50%. This brings your purchase price for the app down to $50. After purchase you come back to this website and fill out the bonus claim form. You now get a further 10% Amazon gift card which for this app is $5 ($50×10%) dropping your purchase price to $45.

We have affiliate relationships with over 800 app developers who compensate us for driving traffic to their websites. It is this compensation that allows us to offer Amazon Gift Cards and bonuses to you.

We are constantly adding new app deals with our community who get rewards for submitting app promotions they know of.

If you don't find the specific app, you are after you can submit a product request and we will negotiate a better deal on your behalf.

Submit a product request.

Yes, there are rewards for submitting articles and for commenting on posts throughout this website. We accept articles as long as they are of high quality and answer the question, “How I used app X to solve a specific problem“.

You also get a link back to your website when submitting articles.

Submit an article for review.

“BOGO” stands for Buy One, Get One Free and is available on all app purchases made from this website.

Specifically, the free app on offer is WordPress plugins with a value of either

  • Up to $100 (On app purchases over $1)
  • Up to $250 (On app purchases over $150)
  • Up to $500. (On app purchases over $300)

After purchasing an app from this website use this bonus claim form and let us know which WordPress plugin you want. We have over 3,000 in the vault so will meet most requests.

Not sure if the plugin you want is in the vault? Get in touch.

If you are the creator of an app that our audience of growth hackers and startups would enjoy you can submit your app here. If it's a good fit we will be in touch to give you a featured spot on our website.

Submit your app here.

Yes, this is sometimes possible, but it depends on the app developer whether we can offer it. Cash-back rebates sometimes contravene our affiliate relationship terms and conditions.

The best way to find out if rebates are available for your chosen app is to scroll to the bottom of the webpage for the app and ask in the comment box.

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