Can you still dominate your niche with Market Samurai?

Market Samurai has a long history of being a top tool used by eMarketers around the world to find profitable niches to rank for. But in recent years the question has been posed, “Is Market Samurai still relevant?” Let’s look at that now.

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Market Samurai provides access to a range of data to make you a better webmaster and SEO'er.

Introducing Market Samurai

This Market Samurai review is aiming to answer the question of whether it is still a good buy today after some recent changes made to the software and the overall SEO climate at the moment.

You will also find details on any Market Samurai coupon codes that are available. There is still a free trial for Market Samurai so why not download the free trial and follow along in this tutorial

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What is Market Samurai?

Market Samurai is a market & keyword research tool for identifying ranking opportunities on Google and Bing.

Everyone uses Google to find information about products and services before they buy. But it's a fact that people rarely (if ever) click past the first search engine result page. Some estimates show that 55% of users will click on the very first non-advertisement link that appears on the page.

This is why a whole industry has developed around top rankings on Google and Bing because getting to the top means more money, if you have chosen the right keywords. It’s a big IF though because if you choose the wrong keywords you will waste so much time and this is why using a tool like Market Samurai is so important.

Market Samurai shot to fame in 2009 when fellow Aussie Ed Dale launched something called the Challenge. This was a free online course that showed newbies how to make their first dollar online. It was wildly popular, mainly because Ed Dale was such a great teacher and his idea of the Golden Keywords became somewhat of a mainstay in SEO circles on how to do keyword research.

It is this rich heritage in the SEO community that many people remember when it comes to Market Samurai and why it's still so talked about today when there are so many seemingly “better” options available but with that said there is still two areas where they can't beat Market Samurai as we will discuss.

Market Samurai Founder

Eugene Ware

Market Samurai is developed by the Noble Samurai team based in Nunawading, Melbourne Australia. It’s founder is Eugene Ware who appears to be the only remaining co-founder of the company based on information found here.

Other members of the Noble Samurai team include Dr. Anthony Fernando who many of you will be familiar with his iconic voice overs he does in the “Dojo” training for all Noble Samurai products including Content Samurai. Apart from Eugene and Fernando there are a total of six other members of the Noble Samurai team with three of them dedicated to customer support, which is good to know.

My personal experiences with Noble Samurai have always left me with the impression that they are a reputable company who can be trusted for excellent support and updates. As I write this at the end of 2018 I can confirm Market Samurai in the last 10 days received an update which interestingly took it out of beta to a stable version 1.0.0.

For the longest time it has always said beta so I find the timing of this interesting when a lot of people are wondering if Market Samurai is still relevant (after converting to Bing data). It’s almost as if Noble Samurai is making a point of, “Yes we are still relevant and to prove it we are coming out of beta!” So with that said how do you use this stable release of Market Samurai?

How to use Market Samurai?

The first thing you need to be aware of is that Market Samurai is desktop software that works on Windows, Mac and Linux through Adobe Air. To install it you first need to install Adobe Air and then run the installer for Market Samurai. It’s very easy to do and Market Samurai guides you through the whole process when you download the software but this is an extra step you need to do compared to other solutions that just work out the box. If you are coming from a SAAS (cloud based tool) you might find the process clunky, but it works quickly enough.

If there is one area that could be improved with Market Samurai it would be it’s user interface (UI) which is starting to lag behind it’s competitors many of which are now cloud based with their handy setup and on-boarding processes. But considering that you only pay once for Market Samurai and get access to it forever we can live with a slightly outdated UI and install process.

Once you have it installed the first thing you are going to want to do is create a project. You do this by entering in your focus keyword and clicking create. You will then be presented with a screen that looks like this (after pressing the “Generate Keywords Button top right”) for the example keyword Elegant Themes.

The next thing you are going to want to do is click the button bottom right that says Keyword Analysis and you will be presented with the following screen. (I think some of these visuals might highlight what I was talking about the outdated UI but you do get used to it 🙂

This is the primary area you will be working in Market Samurai as it shows you the primary areas of interest when choosing your keyword strategy that includes volume of searches (SEOT), competition (SEOC) and another trick is to look at TACOMP metric which basically tells you how many other websites are competiting for that exact keyword by including it in the title tag of their page. This is really valuable because one of the biggest on-page ranking factors to consider is title tags when doing any SEO work. Market Samurai is telling you exactly how competitive this is going to be.

But before you even do any of the above my biggest piece of advice is to prune the list to get rid of “rubbish” keywords. Market Samurai makes this very easy with their filter feature which you will see in the screenshot above near top left. In the screenshot you will see I have selected the “Golden Rules” filter which is one Market Samurai developed and it has a minimum SEO traffic (SEOT) figure of 30 for monthly. The challenge filter developed by Ed Dale has a minimum figure of 80 and a number of other setting to determine the best keywords. Play around with these filters and cut down the list before clicking the Analyze keywords button top right.


One thing you may notice from the above screenshot is a lot of empty table fields and that is because the “Analyze keywords” button still needs to be pressed and what you will be presented with are keywords that fulfill your chosen filter as in the screenshot above for the Golden Rules measurement. If you are using Market Samurai for finding keywords for your next blog post I would recommend the Long Tail filter – as mentioned before play around with these filters because the more you do the clearer picture you will get for your strategy

Now many of you might not see the Challenge filter option on your version of Market Samurai but it is easy to replicate with these settings:

  • SEOT Value of 80
  • SEOC Value of 30000
  • SEOV Value of 30

Be forewarned though: When you use these settings that majestic list of hundreds of keywords will really be whittled down to one, two or maybe if it’s really your day five keywords. But when you understand what the Challenge filter is trying to do it makes sense because they are wanting you to find focus keywords.

Focus keywords are literally keywords that are so good that you can based your content strategy on them and use them on your primary pages like your home, about and other key pages. The challenge filter is not generally used to find your next blog post title but that being said if you are in a niche where that is possible that’s great and you should write that blog post immediately! 🙂 But for most once you have chosen these “challenge keywords” you would change the filter to “Longtail” to find blog post ideas.

Ok it’s now time to discuss Market Samurai’s key feature of being able to analyze your competition. And for all you Market Samurai doubters out there it is this module of SEO Competition that makes it worth every penny.

If you haven’t downloaded the free trial yet you can do so here.

Let’s recap: You now have a list of keywords and it’s now time to dig even deeper before making your final keyword choice for your website and this is what the the SEO competition module does. See color coded image below.

After you have clicked generate results you will be presented with a table something like above. 

What Market Samurai is doing is going to Google and finding the top 10 search results for your keyword. It’s telling you how difficult it’s going to be for you to beat out each of these competitors based on things like domain age, number of back links to the page and the website as a whole and whether the ranking page is using the keyword in it’s title, URL, description and heading tags.

The key takeaway is that if you are seeing a lot of green you may have found a winning keyword phrase to use for your website. Too much red spells danger in terms of standing any chance to rank, so make sure to use this Market Samurai module before making a final decision.

These two modules of keyword research and SEO Competition forms the basis of work you will perform in Market Samurai but there are other features which you should be aware of.

Market Samurai Key Features

  • Get hundreds of relevant keyword ideas for your niche
  • SEO competition metric to see keyword ranking difficulty
  • Expired domains finder based on keywords
  • Monetization module for connecting to Google Adsense, eBay and Amazon
  • Majestic SEO Data for competition metrics
  • Bing Data for keyword research numbers
  • Find content module from article directories, Youtube, Google news and Wikipedia
  • Publish content module straight to your WordPress blog
  • Promotion module to find back links from relevant sources for your content
  • Free trial available
  • Lifetime Pricing

Market Samurai Pros

  • Excellent range of research and promotion tools
  • Competition module one of its best features
  • Lifetime Pricing
  • Majestic SEO data included in price
  • Free 14 day trial
  • Money back guarantee

Market Samurai Cons

  • Newer tools are coming out that are easier to use
  • Bing not Google keyword data being used

Are there Up-sells?

Depending on the time of year and promotions being run, you may get an offer for the other primary product of Noble Samurai which is something called Content Samurai (a video creation tool).

In recent years Noble Samurai has really focused on developing Content Samurai and most of their training is now dedicated to video marketing.

They are not ignoring Market Samurai as mentioned before about coming out of Beta but you do get the sense that Noble Samurai has taken a strategic decision that video is really the future for them. All the stats confirm this, so if you do get some type of offer for Content Samurai after buying Market Samurai it definitely is worth at least a look at their free trial.

Market Samurai Alternatives?

There is no shortage of competing SEO tools including:

All of the above are excellent choices but you will be paying a monthly fee to use them. I do find myself quite enjoying Mangools KWFinder and returning to it a lot because of it’s easy to use interface which shows suggestions, autocomplete and questions based on the keywords you enter.


Do I recommend Market Samurai?

It is true that there are new shinier and fancier tools with slicker interfaces and all that but there is one area they are never going to beat Market Samurai on and that is price.

All new SEO tools even ones that don't have the promotion module of Market Samurai are going to cost you a monthly fee whereas Market Samurai will set you back just $97 one time.

For this price you get access to a range of keyword data but more importantly also the competition module which gives an excellent overview of how difficult it is going to be to rank for specific terms.

The way Market Samurai have color coded the competition module elements makes it very easy at a glance to see whether you are onto a good thing with your content marketing and keyword targeting strategy.

To help make your mind up for yourself they are still offering their 14 day trial right now.

Get started with your free trial to Market Samurai.

Find hidden SEO opportunities

Market Samurai provides access to a range of data to make you a better webmaster and SEO'er.

Is there an Market Samurai Coupon?

Occasionally vendors share coupons, these will appear below (or blank if none).

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How to claim Market Samurai Bonuses?

Looking for a bonus when purchasing Market Samurai? Well, you are in the right place because when you use any link on this page to buy you can claim a bonus.

Every app purchase qualifies for our buy one, get one free bonus offer. This is unlike any app bonus you have seen before because you can choose the exact WordPress plugin you need to compliment your recent purchase. There are over 3,000 to choose from so you will definitely find something of value to you.

Note: If you don't want a WordPress plugin – leave a comment below and we will be in touch regarding a bonus you will love.

N.B. To qualify for a bonus it is recommended to right click links on this page & open in a new private/incognito window.

Click here to buy Market Samurai.

Then visit this page to claim your bonus.

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