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WordLift SEO Lifetime Discount - Bootstrapps Store

This AI-Powered Tool Helps You Automate Your SEO, Build a Custom Knowledge Graph, & Get More Traffic


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Are you an SEO or content writer? Do you fear missing out on the relevant user intents for your web target? Try building your content differently, as if it was explicitly written for search engines and then delivered to the right users. How? Rely on entities rather than keywords!In order for your website to rank higher and get more organic traffic, you need to rephrase your content into the same language that search engines understand: entities.

The SEO Add-on for Google Sheets™ by WordLift is a first-to-market solution to perform semantic keyword research and create a JSON-LD that helps Google understand what your content is really about.

With a few simple clicks, you can install the extension, connect it to your Google Search Console account, and analyze the search queries you want to rank for. The Add-on will analyze Google SERPs and extract the entities that matter the most and match your topics. Entities are the concepts that Google considers essential to rank better. You're one step away from creating the JSON-LD of your dreams!

You can use the Add-on to optimize existing content on your website or create new content. The SEO Add-on will highlight the most relevant concepts for the content on your website, finally resulting in a better ranking on Google.

How It Works
Download the queries from Google Search Console or any SEO tool you might use (or add the keywords in a column on Google Sheet), let WordLift analyze the SERP, extract the most relevant entities, and create the JSON-LD for you.

  1. Install the SEO Add-On, create your Google Sheets™ and configure Settings.

  2. Connect your Google Search Console and extract the TOP search queries.

Alternatively, you can start from a list of queries downloaded from your favorite keyword tool.

  1. Run the SERP analysis

  2. Select the entities that are most relevant to your business.

  3. Build the JSON-LD you need to rank higher on search engines.

The SEO Add-On also recognizes the CMS that you are using. You can copy and paste the JSON-LD code into your website, or if you have WordPress and already use WordLift, you can import the entities right away inside your Knowledge Graph.Remember, instead of getting the list of Keywords from Google Search Console, you can alsoadd the queries directly in the spreadsheet and run the analysis. It will be even faster.

  • Specific query tags. Spontaneous query search to speed up the process even more

  • Fast & user-friendly. Save time thanks to automatic search functions & entities import

  • Works on any website. The system distinguished whether it is used a WordPress or no-WordPress CMS

  • Support anytime. Live support from a dedicated team is always available.

WordLift Medium
The SEO Add-on for Google Sheets™ by WordLift is available in two versions, which differ inthe number of queries they analyze. Medium analyzes up to 500 queries per month.Reviews

  • 4.8/5 rating on Capterra:? ? ? ?? ?

  • 4.8/5 rating on GetApp:? ? ? ?? ?

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