Swish Live Lifetime Discount - Bootstrapps Store

Swish Live Lifetime Discount - Bootstrapps Store

Football, Volleyball, Tennis, & More! Stream Your Sports Events, Like on TV, From Your Smartphone!


$99.00 One-Time

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Lifetime Deal

The Swish Live app is the best way to live-stream your Sports game!

With Swish Live, broadcast your sports event in full HD as if it was on TV. You can inlay the scoreboard, clip highlight, remotely interact with the inlay, do a multicamera with two iPhones and promote your sponsors directly in the video. More than 20 sports are available with adapted scoreboards to help you become a pro livestreamer! Swish Live is helping today more than 10,000 clubs all over the world to broadcast their games.

  • Broadcast control. Pause, end, or continue the livestreaming with one click

  • Chrono control. Update the chrono of the match but also the half-time

  • Scoreboard management. Update the live score, scoreboard adapted according to the chosen sport

  • Time capsule. Select your highlights during the live & broadcast them immediately with a single-click

  • Sponsorhip. You have partners that you want to highlight, show them on the live

  • Camera commentators. Facilitates post-match interviews by using the front camera

  • Brightness management. Adjust the brightness of your smartphone according to exposure

  • Remote. Manage score remotely via the remote function from any other phone

How It Works
The Swish Live app is the best way to live stream your game. With Swish Live, broadcast your sport event as if it was on TV.

  1. Live stream your sport game

  2. Inlay the scoreboard

  3. Now, fans can support their team like it was on TV


  • Score management

  • HD broadcast on Facebook and Youtube

  • Unlimited streaming and downloading

  • Addition of sponsor text in description

  • Team names inlay

  • Partner logos inlay

  • Team logos inlay

  • Full Screens inlay

  • HD capture of highlights and the match

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