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Get best-in-class privacy and security with zero-knowledge file storage.

Internxt Lifetime Deal

Meet Internxt, An all in one complete SUITE that helps you to store and secure your data on the cloud be it photos, documents, passwords, etc.

Internxt comes with ample storage space and yet it is affordable. It has a streamlined interface and a reliable support team.

It is an alternative to iCloud and Google Cloud.

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Still not Convinced??

Here are 5 reasons why Internxt is the best deal for your life

  1. Affordable price: Think about how much you’d pay if you’d pay as go.

  2. One-time payment: Simplify your future and forget about monthly fees. Paying once gives you peace of mind and privacy for good.

  3. Access to all our services: Sign up for a better tomorrow and get instant access to Internxt Drive, Photos, Send, and all other up-and-coming services we launch.

  4. All features and devices included: Access our cloud from anywhere using any device, including ones not invented yet, and every feature for years to come.

  5. 24/7 Customer support: Our lifetime members (along with all our other users…) can enjoy live chat support with real humans daily. Get a talking buddy for life.

"Customers Love for Internxt" 

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What is Internxt?

At Internxt we offer a decentralized, open source and totally secure cloud storage. Thanks to the technology we use based on Blockchain, your data and files in Internxt Drive will be fully encrypted, so we will not know the content of them and they will be totally safe in our cloud without the possibility of being hacked.

We also have Internxt Photos, which is a platform where you can post your videos and photos and share them. Our first goal was to create a service where the consumer has a secure and private space in which to store data!


Key Features

  • Securely store your documents and images in the cloud with zero-knowledge encryption
  • Alternative to: Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox
  • Add users to your personal workspace to save and access files
  • Best for: Individuals, freelancers, and businesses who want secure cloud storage for their sensitive information

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