EasySplitter Lifetime Discount - Bootstrapps Store

EasySplitter Lifetime Discount - Bootstrapps Store

Easily Split Any Song from Your Media Library into 4 STEMs: Vocal, Instrumental, Drums & Bass


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Lifetime Deal

Are you tired of wasting your time while trying to remove vocals from a song manually? With EasySplitter you will forget about splitting songs into separated STEMs manually.

EasySplitter is an AI-powered vocal remover application used by singers, DJs, and music composers. With its innovative technology, the app helps musicians remove vocals from songs and get access to four separate versions of the same, in instrumental, vocal, bass and the best thing about EasySplitter is its ability to remove background noise and unwanted sounds from an audio file, which produces complete clarity and sound quality. That’s why it can be used by DJs, singers, compositors, live performers, and studio producers.


  • Fast processing. Allows users to split the songs much faster
  • Web & mobile synchronization. Has all the functions to sync files via web version or vice versa
  • Bug-free. Developed with the cleanest code & was tested by professionals to avoid any bugs

Pro Plan

  • 4 STEMs**
  • 960 PRO Songs (refills each year)
  • Files history
  • Fast processing without quality loss
  • Formats supported: .WAV, .MP3, .OGG, .M4A, .WMA, .FLAC

How It Works

  1. Get yourself an EasySplitter account by going through the easy sign-up process
  2. Upload any song into 2 or 4 STEMs Splitter Area
  3. Wait for your song to be split in a few seconds
  4. Play, mute the desired STEMs, change the volume rate
  5. Download each STEM separately or use “Merge download” to combine the only STEMs you need in one audio file
  6. Keep your split audio on file, by using the Files History feature
  7. Use the iOS & Android App to make it even easier - All data fully synchronized with Web Version

Adam Craig | Singer
"This means that they must document the right requirements through listening carefully to 'customer' feedback, and by delivering a complete set of clear requirements to the technical architects and coders who will write the program."

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