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It can be overwhelming to navigate the digital world, access the content you want, and be sure that you’re protected. That’s where Control D comes in.

Control D is a one-touch solution for anyone who wants to take back control over their lives, improve productivity, and boost total performance. With the Control D in your pocket, you can block ads, protect your family, or browse faster on any Internet-connect device.

5.0/5 rating on Product Hunt:

  • Browse faster. Enhanced security & performance

  • Improve productivity. Enforce a productivity schedule that you create, blocking the stuff you don’t want to see, when you don’t want to see it

  • Keep your kids safe. Gives you the tools to help your kids navigate the Internet safely

  • Different devices, different rules. Create unique browsing profiles for all your family devices, all under one account

  • Multiple devices. Complete security on up to 10 devices

This is a special deal that includes everything the Full Control plan has, EXCEPT for anything that requires proxies, which are used for any type of unblocking or location spoofing.

  • Unlimited Usage

  • 15 Native Filters (Blocklists)

  • Many Popular 3rd party Blocklists

    • 1Hosts-Lite

    • 1Hosts-Pro

    • Dev Dan's Hosts

    • Energized-Basic

    • Energized-Ultimate

    • Notracking Hosts

    • OISD-Full

    • StevenBlack Unified

  • 10,000 Custom Rules

  • Block 300+ Services

  • Multi-Profile Support

  • Support 10 Devices

Grab this unique, upsell plan, only available here! By purchasing this offer, you can upgrade to the Full Control plan (at any moment in the first 5 years) at a deep discount ($10/year). Yes. You might pay $30 + $10 -- not much of a deal if you upgrade right away -- but moving forward you're just gonna pay $10 a year for a $ 40-year plan. It's a steal!

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