2-Week Fluent Forever Spanish Bootcamp Lifetime Discount - Bootstrapps Store

2-Week Fluent Forever Spanish Bootcamp Lifetime Discount - Bootstrapps Store

Skyrocket Your Spanish Fluency with Minimal Effort in This Supercharged 12-Day Bootcamp!


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Lifetime Deal

This 12-day Bootcamp may be the most important language learning discovery you’ll ever make.

Together with your own personal Spanish coach, you will train your brain to think in Spanish. Rather than memorizing vocabulary or studying grammar rules, you will learn Spanish through conversation. This method works with your brain’s ability to learn, helping you to automatically absorb words, phrases, and ideas into your memory as you see them.

Whether you are a die-hard Fluent Forever fan, or just finding out about this revolutionary language learning method, we're about to blow your mind all over again. Gabe Wyner has once again developed a product so ground-breaking, it will train your brain to learn Spanish anytime, anywhere… with just 10 minutes of speaking a day.

As seen in TNW, TecMundo, The Verge, Forbes, and Chicago Tribune

  • Talk to a native speaker. From the first day you will focus on the most important part: opening your mouth and training your brain & ears to hear the Spanish language

  • Proprietary review algorithm. The app & method has been described as one of the biggest breakthroughs in memory science, allowing you to learn faster by using short bursts

  • Learn from your passions. Your coach will build lessons around your passions & interests, instead of generic vocabulary that is uninteresting and uninspiring to you

What's Included

  • 8 Personal Live Sessions with a Spanish Coach

  • 2 Interactive, Small Group Classes

  • 1 Hour Masterclass and Q+A with Gabe Wyner

  • Customized App Content


  • Complimentary access to the Fluent Forever app for 2 months (new app users only)

  • Complimentary access to the Fluent Forever community

  • Complimentary access to the video archive of Gabe Wyner’s Masterclasses

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