Cyber Monday – Some Interesting Facts

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cyber monday

With Cyber Monday here, I thought I would share some eye-popping facts about this day that ALL marketers need to know…

Fact #1: Invented by Marketers:

Make no mistake, it was invented by the National Retail Federation's online Created to have an official day that shoppers go online and encourage them to buy.

Fact #2: Biggest Shopping Day of the Year:

When it was first invented in 2005, it was only the 12th biggest shopping day.  Last year, it officially became the biggest shopping day of the year with 2.68 billion (with a B) in sales.

Fact #3: Its Only Getting Bigger:

It has gotten bigger year after year. It has to do with a combination of more businesses going online, invest more marketing dollars on the web, customers wanting to avoid long lines at retailers, similar discounts as Black Friday, consumers more comfortable with shopping online, etc…

Fact #4: Spend More on Cyber Monday vs Black Friday

It's a fact, that consumers spend MORE on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday ($468 vs $309).

Fact #5: is the Cyber Monday Giant has captured almost 40% of the online spending during Cyber Monday.  With Wal-Mart and Target in a distant 2nd and 3rd.


So, with all of this said, what does this mean for us marketers?

Similar to the saying “go where the traffic is” same rules apply with “go where and when the money is being spent”.

Consumers are trained that Cyber Monday is a day of finding discounts (which it is. I do a good part of my holiday shopping then) and more importantly for BUYING.

So take advantage. Leverage the psychology that your customers are in the “buying mode”.

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