How to make better business decisions from your WordPress Store data?

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If you run an online store and you built it using WordPress you are probably all too familiar with just how difficult it can be to get proper business data on what is actually working when it comes to promoting your products.

Sure you can install Google Analytics and this is highly recommended but when the time comes to look at your sales data you probably all too quickly know that feeling of not knowing where to start when it comes to Google Analytics.

In Google Analytics defence you are getting Enterprise grade analytics software for free but with all those enterprise level options does come complexity which is why its great to introduce you to our featured plugin for today which is sure to reduce any more anxiety attacks when trying to make a business decision from Google Analytics.

It's called MonsterInsights and for the purposes of this article we are looking at their eCommerce tracking features which is part of their Pro and Agency plans (currently on 50% discount here).

A closer look at MonsterInsights

First things first, MonsterInsights is not designed to work with just WooCommerce it also has direct integration with MemberPress, LifterLMS or Easy Digital Downloads.

These direct integrations are such a massive time saver as they automatically identify products and checkout processes and set them up for you as conversion elements.

Setting it up is as easy as flicking a switch or a button in this case which looks as follows.

When you have done this and chosen your personal eCommerce platform you will be greeted with their kingpin feature which is the reporting suite.

This will be an absolute breath of fresh air compared to Google Analytics to use. No more reporting anxiety when you see your data presented like this.

This report shows you at a glance all the key data you need for yourself or to present to your founder that will help you make those business decisions more effectively.

Data like your total number of transactions for a period of time, what the conversion rate was and how it compares to the previous period, total revenue and average order value and arguably most importantly what your top products are.

But the real power in these reports is when you scroll down further to see the how and why of your data. Something like this:

For example you will see where your top product is getting the most traffic from with associated conversion rates and revenue they are generating. This is the perfect data to answer those questions like, “Are Instagram ads working for us?”

This is what analytics is all about – being able to have quick answers to important questions related to your business. With MonsterInsights you can be confident in knowing you can quickly answer such questions when they arise.

And the net result through continuous improvement will be an increase in conversion rates and ultimately revenue by focusing on what works for your particular business.

Just because Instagram and Facebook ads worked for someone else doesn't mean they are best for you. All you have to do to know exactly is track and have a reporting suite that is easy to use and understand like MonsterInsights.

Get started with MonsterInsights for free here.

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