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Today we bring you an introductory review of Funnel Boss

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Funnel Boss Break Down

The idea of Funnel Boss is simple. Create a digital funnel that prequalifies individuals and then sells them things that they are looking for in the digital marketing world. You could sell physical products, but first, you need to understand and create a funnel. Think of what a funnel is in real life. When you set up a funnel, you are going to put liquid or powders into a smaller container. If you were to try to do this without a funnel in place, substances would get everywhere, and you’d be upset with the result. Well, taking the idea of a funnel and placing it into the digital world, is exactly what Funnel Boss is going to do.

About and the creator/team Behind Funnel Boss

Funnel Boss is being pushed by Omar Martin and Melinda Martin, two marketers that have taken the notion of funnel creation and made it even easier. These two have figured out a way to help anyone make money online through the creation of marketing funnels for nearly any niche. The goal is to help you create a lasting impression online, and to only get traffic from individuals that are focused on what you’re offering. Essentially, you’ll be setting up elements that are meant for a specific audience, and only attracts that audience. It’s a very interesting concept, and these marketers have been polishing it, testing it, and only publishing what works, and nothing else.

How to use Funnel Boss?

When you purchase Funnel Boss, you are going to be able to use the system out of the box. You will be shown how to use funnel systems to make money online. You will set up simple pages, get traffic to them, and watch the money roll in. This may be a simplification, but truly, it’s the best way to understand the power of what this does. You are going to literally create a digital sales funnel that only targets individuals that are interested in niches that you’re promoting. Imagine promoting the best golf club to a captive audience of golfers, that are looking for the best golf club. That’s what Funnel Boss is all about and it’s what you will be exposed to.

Pros and Cons

Before you jump into anything related to Funnel Boss, consider a few pros and cons up front.


  • Easy To Set UP
  • Easy To Learn
  • Works With Nearly Any Niche


  • Must Want To Work With Affiliate Marketing
  • Takes Time To Set Up Properly

Is Funnel Boss Worthwhile?

What’s the cost of a real world education today? Tens of thousands of dollars. That’s not what this costs. Funnel Boss is only going to cost you $15 to start, and that’s it. If you want training and support you can pay a little more, but you don’t necessarily have to go that route. This product is set to help you set up a niche site that builds an email list, sends people to affiliate links, and helps you promote nearly anything. Whether you want to sell products, promote services, or even help others make money, this guides you through the process. You can’t fail when you are working on giving people what they are looking for, which is what this product is all about.

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Get the best deal on Funnel Boss

+ Exclusive Bonuses

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