StackSocial The Machine Learning Mastery eBook Bundle 1
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StackSocial The Machine Learning Mastery eBook Bundle

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StackSocial The Machine Learning Mastery eBook Bundle

Machine learning is basically “learning from experience” applied to machines, systems, and programs. It lessens programming work and gives machines the ability to learn and improve. Packt Publishing provides you with 10 comprehensive eBooks to guide you from the basic to advanced level of machine learning. It will cover concepts, algorithms, and applications to help you improve on the field of machine learning.

Included eBooks

  1. Python Machine Learning (2nd Edition)
  • 622 pages; 18 hrs & 39 mins
  • Unlock modern machine learning & deep learning techniques w/ Python by using the latest cutting-edge open source Python libraries
  • TensorFlow Machine Learning Cookbook
    • 370 pages; 11 hrs & 6 mins
    • Explore machine learning concepts using the latest numerical computing library: TensorFlow
  • Hands-On Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading
    • 684 pages; 20 hrs & 31 mins
    • Explore effective trading strategies in real-world markets using NumPy, spaCy, pandas, scikit-learn, and Keras
  • Advanced Machine Learning with Python
    • 278 pages; 8 hrs & 20 mins
    • Solve challenging data science problems by mastering cutting-edge machine learning techniques in Python
  • Practical Machine Learning
    • 468 pages; 14 hrs & 2 mins
    • Learn how to build Machine Learning applications to solve real-world data analysis challenges
  • Machine Learning for OpenCV
    • 382 pages; 11 hrs & 27 mins
    • Expand your OpenCV knowledge & master key concepts of machine learning
  • Statistics for Machine Learning
    • 442 pages; 13 hrs & 15 mins
    • Build Machine Learning models w/ a sound statistical understanding
  • Mastering Machine Learning Algorithms
    • 576 pages; 17 hrs & 16 min
    • Explore & master the most important algorithms for solving complex machine learning problems
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
    • 360 pages; 10 hrs & 48 mins
    • Build strong foundation for entering the world of machine learning & data science
  • Mastering Java Machine Learning
    • 556 pages; 16 hrs & 40 mins
    • Become an advanced practitioner with this progressive set of master classes on application-oriented machine learning

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