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Jumper.ai Appsumo Discount

Get a personal social media sales assistant with jumper.ai

In an ideal world, selling products on Facebook or Instagram would be so simple.

You post your product, someone comments “OMG, I NEED this,” you reply, “DM to purchase,” and then money magically appears in your inbox. The end.

But we all know it doesn’t work like that.

What really happens is you end up spending hours trying to keep up with comments and, by the time you respond to people, you may have missed your chance to sell.

This is where our friend, jumper.ai comes in.

Jumper.ai is a virtual assistant that sends instant replies and sales messages to potential customers so you can strike while the iron is hot.

Simply create a product hashtag (like “#cookbook”) and jumper.ai will walk customers through the selection and purchase process of your “100 Ways to Make Bacon” book.

Regardless of how many products you have, jumper.ai lets you easily import all your product data from your Shopify store or a CSV straight to their dashboard.

Jumper.ai can also be programmed to respond to common keywords. (Don’t freak out by my use of the word “programmed,” no coding is required for jumper.ai.)

Once jumper.ai has sealed the deal with a customer, you’ll receive a notification on your dashboard and in your email. (Not only that, but your Shopify dashboard will get updated as well.)

Customers will also receive a tracking link notification that’ll keep them in the loop regarding their order status.

With jumper.ai, you can sell products and event tickets, as well as run promotions – all while scrolling through Reddit memes.

Jumper.ai currently offers three separate plans — for products, for events, and for promotions.

Normally, if you wanted access to all three, you would be shelling out $324 a year.

But we resolved to make 2018 as deal-packed as ever, Sumo-lings.

So we’re bringing you lifetime access to all three plans for just $49!

With all three plans, you get 25 products10 eventsunlimited posts and keywords and more:

And while you already have more than enough reason to get this deal, jumper.ai is also throwing in lifetime access to add-ons and bonuses worth over $75 per month!

These bonuses include:

    • Integrations to other social media platforms (Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Line.)
    • Integrations with third-party services (Shopify, Google Calendar, Stripe, PayPal)
    • Different chatbot personas (coming soon)
    • Curated market reports
    • Growth strategies

Click here now to boost your social media sales with jumper.ai!


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