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First click copy your document or audio file, paste into Content Samurai and click create video. That’s how easy it is to create the next video for your business using the intelligence of the Content Samurai video creator.

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Introducing Content Samurai

In this Content Samurai review we are going to first take a look at Content Samurai and its user interface to see if it could be your next video application.  

Then and arguably most importantly we are going to compare it to three other leading video platforms Animoto, Wave and Lumen5.

Make sure to keep reading till the bottom for details on special bonuses available with purchase and whether the Noble Samurai team have any promotions or Content Samurai coupon codes.

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What is Content Samurai?

Content Samurai is a video creation tool that takes audio or text you have previously created and turns it into visually appealing videos. These videos could be anything from full on training courses to compliment your written content to short and sweet promotion videos. Content Samurai takes your content and automatically finds images to compliments the words or audio. 

It really is amazing to see in action so if you haven’t already view a demo. In all honesty though sign up for the 7 day free trial to play around with the editor yourself – it looks like this.

Content Samurai Founder

Eugene Ware

The company behind Content Samurai is Noble Samurai (founded by Eugene Ware) who many of you digital marketers will know as the creators of Market Samurai which is their keyword and market research tool. Initially Market Samurai was their focus product and was the app they were best known for but for the last few years the focus has changed to video and Content Samurai.

This focus shows and definitely places it as one of the leading solutions for any business looking to get more into video marketing.

How to use Content Samurai?

When you first log into the dashboard and click create video it will present you with the already shared image above where you have five video types you can create which include:

  1. Blog post or article
  2. Sales video
  3. Video for online course
  4. Video for social media
  5. Property listing video

I can only imagine that last property category came purely from a request from their client base so it stands to reason if you request a different video they would consider adding it for you. Never hurts to ask.

After you choose your video it then presents you with this screen to add your text (no matter which video type you choose you see this option).

After pasting in your text as you will see in the icon menu on the left the next option is to edit scenes and to do this you will work in three main areas as seen below.

Notice how it says scene 1 of 73 top right.

This was a simple blog post I created about an email marketing tool called WiseStamp and even so the video was over 10 minutes in length which is really overkill. So this editing bay is important to start refining and editing the key points of your article and then at the end add a link to your website where they can get the full content piece or link to sales page.

People’s attention spans are limited so it is good to keep these type of videos to under 5 minutes.

Once you have done your editing you also have options to add a voiceover or background music after which you can preview and then download.

Content Samurai Key Features

  • Easy to use with included video templates for you to tweak
  • Paste content and Content Samurai automatically chooses the best video and images to go with the text
  • Full control over all design elements of each slide including text, video and audio
  • Ability to add voiceovers including auto voice overs geneated from the slides
  • Videos saved to the cloud

Content Samurai Pros

  • Free 7 day trial allows you access to all features to create unlimited videos
  • Easy to use video editor
  • Ability to import videos from content
  • Templates included
  • Social media options

Content Samurai Cons

  • No freemium plan

Are there Up-sells?

Thankfully not. 

After you signup to the trial you are presented with an option to upgrade and get a 25% discount but apart from this you are not going to be bombarded by marketing offers as is so common with other vendors.


Content Samurai Alternatives?

For this review today I would like to suggest two alternatives Animoto and Wave.

Both are excellent especially for creating short ads for social media but there are some key feature differences which you will see in the chart below.

One of the most obvious stand-outs is the price with Content Samurai being one of better priced video apps on the market today for all you get. But the other key feature is the automatic scene creation from script which is a game changer because the key to building a massive online audience is to create content REGULARLY so that people repeatedly see your videos in their feeds. (This is how they get to know, like and trust you.)

And the big secret to creating content regularly is to have a quick and easy way to transform your blog posts and articles into engaging content videos.

Content Samurai has this feature and it puts it at the same professional level of another video app you may have heard of called Lumen5.

Let’s talk about Lumen5 for a moment

Lumen5 has a free version you can use if you don’t mind branding and lower than HD quality. Lumen5 is arguably easier to use than Content Samurai but it does cost more when you want to upgrade it to get rid of the branding and get access to the Pro features.

There is another area that Content Samurai outshines all of the competition even Lumen5 and that is in voice tracks.

When it comes to creating content videos for YouTube, high converting Sales Videos, and videos for your Online Courses, you really need the power of a Voice Track to properly convey your message.

And Content Samurai is the only product on the market today that gives you 4 flexible Voice Track Options to choose from:

  1. Music only (No Voice Track)
  2. Record your Voice Track in the app
  3. Upload a pre-recorded Voice Track
  4. AutoVoice (Text-To-Speech)

Plus, with the brand new “Energy Boost” feature, Content Samurai is the only product in the world that allows you to boost the energy of your voice track with just 1 click of your mouse!

It has to be seen to be believed so make sure you see the full demo.

Do we recommend Content Samurai?

Yes, we do!

It has an excellent balance of features and ease of use at the cheapest price point which is not something you see every day.

The automatic scene creation and advanced voice tracks for building a personal connection with your audience are worth the price of admission alone.

But one tip: Don’t pay full price, get the 25% discount here if you need access today and when you get an email about a promotion get on-board as savings of up to 70% on the life of your subscription are not uncommon.

Get started with Content Samurai today.

Create better marketing videos


Is there a Content Samurai Coupon?

There is a discount for 25% off immediately available when you start your trial.

If you took over 7 days to make your decision there is good news because using this special link you can still get access at the reduced rate of $35 per month.

We also know that Content Samurai have big seasonal sales for Black Friday and at other times of the year. So if you enjoy using their app that would be a good time to secure an even better deal. The last promotion they did for Black Friday as an example they gave away over $1000 worth of extras including a free copy of Market Samurai which they had never done before.

We will include a link to any other deals below.

Other deals

Occasionally vendors share coupons, these will appear below (or blank if none).

How to claim Content Samurai Bonuses?

Looking for a bonus when purchasing Content Samurai? Well, you are in the right place because when you use any link on this page to buy you can claim a bonus.

Every app purchase qualifies for our buy one, get one free bonus offer. This is unlike any app bonus you have seen before because you can choose the exact WordPress plugin you need to compliment your recent purchase. There are over 3,000 to choose from so you will definitely find something of value to you.

Note: If you don’t want a WordPress plugin – leave a comment below and we will be in touch regarding a bonus you will love.

N.B. To qualify for a bonus it is recommended to right click links on this page & open in a new private/incognito window.

Click here to buy Content Samurai

Then visit this page to claim your bonus.


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  • Hey Paul, Iove this article and thanks for sharing. I keep reading reviews about Content Samurai but can’t make up my mind because of the price. I understand it has a ton of value which I can kind of justify for the price but then again in this review they are saying it is great. Would love to get your opinion on it and is it something someone needs when first starting out. Thanks again for the tips. I’m on the fence if I should sign up or not.

    • Its a really good video app designed for marketers first. My recommendation would be to have the idea and script for your first 1-3 videos ready and then sign up to the trial and pump out those 3 videos and see how you go. You might even want to do the same video(s) with 1 or 2 other video apps and see what suits your workflow best.

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